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1 Carolyn Farley

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5 Description Nominated for "Best iPhone/IPad Music App of 2011" at TUAW! Tango Remote is a fantastic way to wirelessly control music and video between I Pads, iPhones and iPod touches. Connect one device to a stereo or TV and use another to play, pause, skip, adjust volume and more. Stop walking across the room! Tango can play your iTunes music, music videos, video podcasts, iTunes U videos, and your camera roll videos. Tango can also play TV Shows and movies not purchased via iTunes. iTunes purchased TV Shows and movies cannot be played unless you remove the Fairplay copy protection. iOS4.3 and higher is required for video support. In addition your camera roll photos are not supported. $$$ Buy once and install on all your devices at no additional cost by using the same Apple ID!

6 Features Control your music and videos remotely Display videos on your TV via Apple TV or TV-out Search artist, song title, album or genre Multitasking support & password protection Remote battery indicator and warnings Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & auto reconnect Listen to playlists one after the other Create remote playlists on the fly Caching stores song info and album artwork Audio and video scrubbing Available in 16 languages

7 As of Today Tango Remote wont work on my old I-phone They are catering to I-phone5 so theyve dropped the older version I was using

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