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Thank you for your interest in Nobis Auto. You are one step closer to realizing the enormous power of Organic Search Engine Optimization. If you are currently.

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1 Thank you for your interest in Nobis Auto. You are one step closer to realizing the enormous power of Organic Search Engine Optimization. If you are currently using your Dealerships website to drive sales, leads and bottom line revenues then you are on the right path. Please contact us for more detailed information on our services, or for a free search engine marketing consultation and website analysis today. (Advance or reverse slides using your left and right arrow keys) 1-866-96-NOBIS © Copyright 2005 Nobis Interactive. All charts and rights reserved by Nobis Interactive. Data courtesy of Marketing Sherpa 2005.

2 Sources for New Website Traffic Still paying for 3 rd party web leads? If you arent achieving top search engine placement, you arent achieving self-reliance….

3 Searches By Industry There are over 128 million searches performed each month...and Automotive is gaining. Are you getting a piece of the pie? Or are you letting your competitors eat your share…

4 Dealer Ad Spend Is your dealership still spending money on antiquated and expensive methods of advertising that provide little Return On Investment with no way to monitor their success?

5 Cost Per Lead CONSIDER THIS: Search Engine Marketing FAR outweighs any form of advertising both online and off in regards to cost per lead.

6 Reasons for Searching Search Engine Marketing has the potential to track your website visitors from click-to-conversion….even if they leave and come back a month later. Can your TV, radio, or yellow pages ads do that?

7 Pay-Per-Click vs. SEO Are you spending money on PPC without budgeting for SEO? Search Engine user behavior shows that the majority of users realize a Sponsored Ad and tend to click on the Natural results…

8 Increase in Traffic Post SEO Well let these numbers speak for themselves…

9 Increase in Conversions Post SEO These too….

10 Thinking of Doing it Yourself? According to recent studies the average company had little success with their In-House SEO vs. Outsourcing to a Professional Agency

11 The 99% Club 99% of all Dealer websites lack the correct SEO architecture99% of all Dealer websites lack the correct Keyword Density that search engines use to rank a website. 99% of all Dealer websites lack the external links which are vital to achieving Organic Search Engine Optimization. 100% of all Dealer websites that run only Flash animation will will never achieve Organic Search Engine rankings. Search Engines cant read FLASH Animation, yet companies such as, BZ Results, Dealerskinz and others are supplying most of their Dealers with websites made entirely of FLASH Animation.

12 South Bay BMW was running a website with almost no Organic Search Engine rankings. After Nobis Auto, the increases were in the 1,000s% Case Study: South Bay BMW First Came the Rankings!

13 Then Came the Traffic!! These are visitors coming from localized keywords such as los angeles bmw. These pre-qualified visitors have lead conversion rates up to 20%. Case Study: South Bay BMW

14 South Bay BMWs SEO program started January 06. By March, their Internet dept. was selling significantly more cars, and in June they hit an all-time record. Case Study: South Bay BMW THEN went the cars!!!!

15 Local Competitor Comparison Pacific BMWCentury West BMWSanta Monica BMW SOUTH BAY BMW!!!! Organic Search Engine Ranking reports run on same sets of keywords for Google, Yahoo, and MSN

16 Nobis Auto Optimization© Our Search Engine Optimization programs are a custom fit for your website, your business and your online marketing objectives. We ensure your site is 100% relevant for your keywords, and provide you with the Link Popularity to compete for the Top Rankings on the major search engines. Optimization Includes Onsite Kick Off Meeting and Infrastructure Assessment Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Consultation and Keyword Assignment Benchmark Search Engine Position Report SEO Copywriting and Content Implementation Site Optimization Search Engine Monitoring and Updates Open Directory Category Research and Submission Yahoo Category Research and Submission Submission to over 300 SEO-friendly Directories Ongoing maintenance and site positioning updates Search Engine Position and Trend Reporting Website Analytics Traffic Reporting Call Tracking and Recording Link Popularity Building

17 Nobis Auto Tracking Solutions Nobis Auto supplies you with monthly Ranking Reports that show your keyword & engine movements

18 Nobis Auto Tracking Solutions We offer our clients with REAL TIME tracking programs. Our data supplies you with which engine your visitors came from, which keyword they typed in, where they are located, is this his/her first visit, what page are they on, what page have they visited, what page they exited… and MUCH MORE!

19 Nobis Auto Tracking Solutions Nobis Auto also offers Call Tracking Solutions that allow your dealership to track the calls that come directly from your Organic Search Engine rankings. This software gives you real-time information on whos calling with functionality that includes Outlook integration and call recording. AMAZING!

20 Nobis Autos Products Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears under the Organic (non-paid) results of the major search engines. The goal is to achieve a dependable flow of FREE traffic and leads, which is meant to last a lifetime. And a lifetime of FREE leads equals a lifetime Return on Investment. Nobis Auto offers dealers TRUE Search Engine Marketing. We dont use gimmicky or spammy tactics…nor do we over-promise and under-deliver. We are experts in SEM, and have been for over 10 years. Nobis is the only SEM company able to optimize ANY website including all 3 rd party platforms…and we do so with a minimal month-to-month commitment from you. Nobis Autos True PPC takes the heavy burden of time-intensive Paid Search management off your plate. We take your campaign from start to finish including keyword research, campaign construction, copywriting, bid management, ROI tracking and reporting so you dont have to worry about the day-to-day of your Paid Search campaigns.

21 Your Dealership Needs Search Engine Optimization Top Rankings on the major search engines means pre-qualified leads, less dependency on 3 rd party lead providers and increased sales to your organization. If you dont see your company at the top of these engines…your potential customers dont either. Contact Perf ormance SEO Today at 1-866-96-NOBIS

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