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Philosophies Introduction to Auto Extrication Principles & Concepts.

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1 Philosophies Introduction to Auto Extrication Principles & Concepts

2 Philosophies Section Objectives At the end of this section, the participant will be able to… Discuss the major concepts that guide extrication planning Define common terminology related to extrication

3 Philosophies Golden Hour Concept A trauma patient must reach definitive care within 60 minutes of the occurrence of the trauma. Definitive care is usually considered at regional Trauma Center. Greenville Spartanburg Richland

4 Philosophies Golden Hour - Factors to Consider Remote nature of area –Traffic flow –Cell phone reception –Multiple Counties Volunteer Organization –Responding from home –Non-standardization of crews Long transport times

5 Philosophies Golden Hour - Facts of Life Golden Hour begins at impact. Bystander must recognize an emergency exist. Help must be called. Dispatch must process and dispatch call. Responder must leave home and travel to building Units must respond Scene secured Action plan formulated. Extrication begins. –US average Extrication time is 30 minutes. Removal of patient Patient still has to be transported to Trauma Center!!!

6 Philosophies Golden Hour - Time Line

7 Philosophies Golden Hour - WRS Goal Extrication time 15 minutes or less!

8 Philosophies Golden Hour - Time Line

9 Philosophies Team Concept Each member has a job to do Extrication is discussed in advance Team expands as volunteers arrive on the scene

10 Philosophies 100% Techniques While no techniques will work in every situation, every time…...We learn and train techniques that will work the majority of the time. In extrication, use 100% techniques first… Use your other techniques when the 100% techniques fail.

11 Philosophies Common Terminology Parts of the car Points of Orientation Tasks Safety I need a bus at this location forthwith!!! Remember! We are still a CLEAR TEXT County.

12 Philosophies We Train as We Rescue Talk the talkTalk the talk during training Walk the walkWalk the walk during training Walking & TalkingAt the actually rescue scene, Walking & Talking should come naturally

13 Philosophies Continuously Improve Train Prepare Keep Equipment at the ready Debrief Train again

14 Philosophies Questions ? ? ? ? ?

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