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BA (Hons) Social Work. The Qualification BA (Hons) Social Work Three year degree which also confers professional social work qualification and the right.

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1 BA (Hons) Social Work

2 The Qualification BA (Hons) Social Work Three year degree which also confers professional social work qualification and the right to be registered with the Health Care Professions Council Designed to allow students who are in employment to participate in the course if sponsored by their agency University attendance [3/2: 2: 1 day] plus e-learning and practice placements

3 Course Aims To produce graduates who are… …accountable, reflective and self-critical practitioners (i) able to demonstrate the ability to integrate specific subject knowledge, values and skills (ii) equipped with the knowledge, values and skills to promote and protect individual and collective well being in complex situations (iii) able to promote social justice within a global context of climate change and sustainability

4 Year 3 Self as practitioner; working with complexity; social work processes; 100 days practice learning Year 2 Developing professional self; communities, organisations, systems and environments; social work methods; 80 days practice learning Year 1 Understanding self as inquiring, reflective and self managing learner; introduction to the context of the social work environment and to the knowledge base and methods of social work; preparation for practice Course Structure

5 Practice Structure Year 2 Transition to Professional Identity 80 days throughout academic year Preparation and assessment; plan and provide service; monitor, evaluate & professional development (National Occupational Standards) Year 3 Establishing Professional Identity 100 days throughout academic year Complex work, assessing some risk Year 1 Foundations for social work: Being useful; safe practice; sensitivity & values; responsibility (GSCC Code of Practice) Social Care Work Experience Community Development Project Social work shadowing experience Statutory observation

6 Practice Learning Year 1 Community Development Project & Social Care Work Experience Womens Aid MIND Befriending Service Year 2 START Learning disability team International placements Year 3 Trevi House Children and families intake team

7 Residential holiday for children from inner city areas. Helping on a Soup Run. Helping in a day service for older people. Working with individual service users/carers. Working on an allotment project. Supporting refugees and asylum seekers. Developing a skate park for young people. Working with people who are homeless. Supporting families of prisoners and people in the court process. Supporting patients in a hospital ward setting.

8 Placements You may be required to travel for your practice placements, developing a broader practice experience

9 Your Application Totality of the Application Academic Qualifications including: - 5 GCSEs at grade C or above (including English and Mathematics) - A minimum of 240 points at A level or equivalent (Must include at least 160 points from two A levels or one 12-unit award. AS levels may also contribute) Personal statement References

10 Your Application What we look for: Non Standard Academic Qualifications BTEC or Diploma in a science related area Access to higher education, to include Social Science units at L3 Applications from those returning to education are welcome Evidence of academic study in the last five years is required

11 Personal Statement Demonstrate an interest and knowledge for the profession Evidence of related work experience Demonstrate evidence of good communication skills Ability to empathise with others Problem solving and use of initiative

12 Personal Statement Ability to study/work independently and in groups Extra curricular/outside interests Willingness to learn Quality of written work Supportive references

13 Recommended Study Skills Entry is competitive Students are advised to be positive about study skills as it will enable you to study more effectively. Addressing the following skills is particularly good preparation Numeracy: Including fractions & decimals Literacy: Including scan reading, academic writing, spelling and grammar IT skills: Word processing, e-mail and the use of the internet Read around peoples lives and social justice

14 How Do We Select Applicants? Competition for places… Large demand for Social Work places Many applications meet the minimum requirements - so you need to… let us know what you have… and what youve done… that makes you different!

15 Commitment to the course Be sure before you start Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check Occupational health screen If Offered a Place

16 Job Opportunities Statutory social work for local authorities The voluntary and independent sectors Multi-disciplinary teams Hospital social work Community-based work

17 BA (Hons) Social Work at PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY

18 A copy of this presentation can be found on the University website shortly after the open day at: Follow us, and tell us what you think about today @PlymUni_HES Social Work at Plymouth University

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