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doc.: IEEE <doc#>

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1 doc.: IEEE 802.15-<doc#>
<11 January, 2008r> doc.: IEEE <doc#> May, 2008 Project: IEEE P Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) Submission Title: [Supporting Peer to Peer Communication and Improving Throughput by Enhancing GTS ] Date Submitted: [11 May, 2008] Source: [Jie Shen , Daoyuan Yao, Tao Xing, Yong Guan] Company [Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology, Vinno Tech Inc. ] Address [NO.865 Changning Road, Shanghai, , China] Voice:[ ], FAX: [ ], Re: [IEEE e group] Abstract: [This document suggests a new solution adopting channel selection within GTS to support peer to peer communication and improve the throughput] Purpose: [This document is a response to Item a) better support the industrial markets in IEEE P SG4e Call for Application on 14 November, 2007] Notice: This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release: The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P <author>, <company>

2 doc.: IEEE 802.15-<doc#>
<11 January, 2008r> doc.: IEEE <doc#> 7 May, 2008 Motivation The current GTS allocation is not efficient to support peer to peer communication The current GTS allocation scheme does not support multicast communication of some applications The current superframe structure may not offer sufficient GTS slots for different QoS levels in one WPAN as only one channel used <author>, <company>

3 doc.: IEEE 802.15-<doc#>
<11 January, 2008r> doc.: IEEE <doc#> 7 May, 2008 Enhancement on GTS Through GTS request, to support the communication between device to device and single device to multi devices Introduce channel offset attribute to GTS descriptor to support channel selection within GTS One CFP Slot may allocated to more than one node’s GTS if the difference between any of their channel offset exceeds a specified parameter aMinOffsetThreshold <author>, <company>

4 Suggestion: GTS Modifications
Modifications of GTS attributes The extension of GTS mode to three types: P2C(device to PAN Coordinator); P2P(device to device); Multicast(device to multi-devices) Modifications of several primitives Modifications of several MAC frames Modification of MAC PIB

5 doc.: IEEE 802.15-<doc#>
<11 January, 2008r> doc.: IEEE <doc#> 7 May, 2008 Peer to Peer In order to support A->B or C->D communication A sends GTS request command frame to B which acknowledges to A. If PAN Coordinator receives both MAC frames , it allocates a new GTS to A->B if possible A Sets the mode of GTS request command to P2P, PAN Coordinator should handle the frame <author>, <company>

6 Multicast In order to realize C->(A,B,D) within one slot
C Sends GTS request command to PAN Coordinator which acknowledges to C. PAN Coordinator allocates a new transmit GTS to C if possible

7 Add Channel Selection Info
Add GTS attributes, such as Source device Address Destination device Address Start slot Length Mode Channel offset

8 doc.: IEEE 802.15-<doc#>
<11 January, 2008r> doc.: IEEE <doc#> 7 May, 2008 Conclusion Support Peer to Peer communication within GTS Support Multicast communication within GTS Support channel selection in order to improve throughput Not much complexity increased to protocol <author>, <company>

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