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The Courtroom Work Group Judge Prosecutor Defense.

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1 The Courtroom Work Group Judge Prosecutor Defense

2 Judge Senior Officer in Court Appropriateness of conduct Settles questions of evidence Rules on Procedure Guides Questioning of Witnesses

3 Judge Extensive control of the Court Decides whether to hold complainant Sentences Defendant Instructs Jury on conduct on verdict relevant law

4 What does it take to be a Judge? Resident, Bar Member ( Required in California) Usually between 25 and 70 years old Varies from State to State

5 Appointment to the Bench Election Merit Selection The Missouri Plan Gubernatorial Appointment

6 Election As Judge, I promise to be Tough on Crime As Judge, I will enforce the death penalty If you elect me, I will be a political moderate

7 The Missouri Plan First used in Missouri in 1940 Governor appoints judges from a list compiled by a non partisan nominating commission Judges serve on the bench for a year They are voted to the bench after a year of service The vote is yes or no If yes the judge sits for the full term

8 Prosecutor In all phases of the Court Process Given Broad Discretion His/Her job is to advocate the guilt of defendant vigorously, He represents the People

9 Prosecutor Federal Solicitor General US Attorney General State Attorney general Chief Prosecutor District Attorney

10 What the Prosecutor Does Screen The Case (Is is Prosecutable?) Has a Crime Been Committed? Has a Suspect been properly identified? Is the Evidence Sufficient to Support a Guilty Verdict? Nolle Prosequi (nol. Pros.) This Should never be based on local jury success or public opinion

11 What the Prosecutor Does Decision to Plea Bargain and Plea Negotiate Unreviewable discretion Recommend Amount of Bail (many jurisdictions) Comply to Rules of Discovery

12 Assistant District Attorneys Usually fresh out of law School They Work for the Chief Prosecutor, an elected position ($10,000-189,000 year) 40% of Prosecutors had a work related threat in 2001, one in five carry a firearm for protection

13 Defense Attorney Guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment: The Right to Counsel Right to Counsel extended to first appeal, probation and parole hearings as well as juvenile proceedings

14 Court Appointed Lawyer Some are Volunteers…pro bono Some are paid by Hourly Fees Selected from a list of attorneys, some take the cases grudgingly

15 The Public Defender Paid by the jurisdiction on a fixed salary Sometimes this job is a stepping stone The Contract Lawyer is a new system of providing defense Counsel agrees to represent a certain number of indigent defendants over a period of time-Not a Public defender

16 The TV myth The crafty defense lawyer is a myth. They are usually overworked conscientious public defenders. Frequently they are assigned to courtrooms, not clients. 5-10 minutes is an average consultation for a PD

17 Charging Documents Complaint Information Grand Jury Indictment Arrest warrant

18 Plea Bargaining Lesser Offense Brady v United States Santobello v New York : deal must be honored Henderson v Morgan : Must be voluntary Plea Bargaining Serves everyones interest

19 What Percentage of Criminal Cases are resolved through Guilty Pleas?

20 90 Per Cent

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