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SACRED HEART Parent Information Evening.

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1 ULTRANET @ SACRED HEART Parent Information Evening

2 What is Ultranet is a Learning Management System (LMS) LMS is a software application that is mainly used for e-learning, anywhere/anytime online learning Ultranet facilitates a collaborative interface between the school and home

3 Background information The Ultranet Learning Management System has been developed locally by Edtech It is a Ministry of Education (MoE) approved Learning Management System There are approximately 152 schools using Ultranet

4 What is a LMS Sacred Heart has chosen to use Ultranet as our Learning Management System The functionality of Ultranet is managed through Ed Tech. The data within Ultranet is managed by the teachers and administrators at Sacred Heart Ultranet provides Inter-operability features enabling the exchange of student data between our SMS and Ultranet Kamar is our SMS (Student Management System)

5 Facilitates an online learning environment Will provide parents/caregivers with another avenue to support their daughter at school Will give parents/caregivers information that will enable them to keep up-to-date with their daughters learning progress

6 What might this look like? This could mean viewing test results, NCEA results, teacher feedback, timetables, homework activities and attendance records. Ultranet will provide an opportunity to open the lines of communication between parents and their daughter

7 Why Ultranet? It provides schools with an interactive website, a safe and controlled Social Networking site, and interactive virtual classrooms where teachers can customise their own classrooms using built-in modules for things such as wikis, discussions, quizzes, resources, slideshows, assignments and calendars ?

8 Collaboration Ultranet also allows students and teachers to work together using online tools such as wikis, blogs and discussion forums Students can create their own learning portfolios and take part in online learning activities, whilst teachers will be able to liaise and share resources with other teachers within Sacred Heart

9 What are the benefits of the Ultranet for parents, students and teachers Parents/ caregivers will be able to view this and other information to help keep up-to-date with their childs progress You can access this data from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, your username and password

10 E-Learning Portfolios One of the many benefits of Ultranet is that information will build up over time, creating an ongoing record for each student. These records will travel with the student from year to year

11 Safety Issues Ultranet is accessible to the administration staff, teachers, students and parents at Sacred Heart Girls College All users have a distinct username and password The information the user can see is mapped to their Kamar information and access rights The Sacred Heart website is separate to the Ultranet learning environment

12 Privacy Issues No health, welfare or personal information will be displayed on a students Ultranet profile The only personal information about students will be their name and photograph You may request that your daughters photograph not appear All other information on Ultranet about your daughter will be specific to their learning and attendance

13 Where is the data stored The solution runs using cloud technology, this means that all data is stored off-site. Cloud computing is just another term for using internet services such as free email. Some examples of cloud computing are Google apps, Facebook, gmail, Twitter, amazon

14 What happens if a student leaves the school? The interoperability feature exchanges student data between Kamar and Ultranet. When a student leaves the school and all the leaving documentation is signed off, the student will be removed from Kamar which will in- turn update the Ultranet records.

15 Our doors are still open Ultranet will not replace personal communication between parents and teachers – parents/caregivers should continue to contact the school directly if they have concerns about their daughters learning

16 Sacred Heart Website


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