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Standard 1.02 Investigate uses of the Internet and World Wide Web.

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1 Standard 1.02 Investigate uses of the Internet and World Wide Web

2 Early origin in 1960s Closely tied to a networking project started by a governmental division called the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Original name: ARPANET Created so that scientists were able to share information on military and scientific research.

3 Connecting to the internet What is needed to connect to the internet? Computer, modem, ISP What are the different types of connections? Cables, wireless, 3G World Wide Web

4 The software program that you use to retrieve information from the World Wide Web (WWW) and to display them in a readable format. Web browsers HTML- (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language used to create documents for the WWW. Examples: Internet Explorer Safari Firefox Google Chrome

5 Title bar Menu bar Scroll bar Address bar Tool bar Status bar Go button Access indicator

6 The bar on top of the window that contains the name of the document.

7 A horizontal menu that appears on top of a window. Provides a selection of options related to the Web page.

8 Icons for single-click access to most commonly used menu commands.

9 Contains the URL, or address, of the active Web page; also where you type the location for the Web page you want to visit.

10 Connects you to address displayed in the Address bar. Document Window displays the active Web Page

11 Located at the bottom of the browser; shows the progress of Web page transactions.

12 A small picture in the upper right corner of the browser; when animated, it means your browser is accessing data from a remote computer.

13 Vertical and horizontal scroll bars; lets you scroll vertically and horizontally if the Web page is too long or too wide to fit within one screen.

14 HTML Hypertext Markup Language A series of tags that are integrated into text documents and describes how the text should be formatted when a Web browser displays it on the screen. HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Standard that defines how messages are formatted and transmitted. HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Formats messages and transmits them securely Secure Websites

15 A tool that lets you find Web pages that match a particular word or phrase. Examples of search engines: Bing Google Ask Yahoo

16 Search expression Index Spiders or bots Meta tags Directory Keyword search Hyperlink

17 Two basic tools used to find information:Two basic tools used to find information: Search enginesSearch engines Used to search for keywords.Used to search for keywords. Subject directoriesSubject directories Used to find specialized topics.Used to find specialized topics.

18 Keyword Search Uses keywords to perform search Multimedia Search Engines Used to find graphics, video clips, animation, and MP3 music files. Meta Search Engines Search several major search engines at one time. Dogpile Subject Directories Organized by subject categories and displayed in a series of menus.

19 Phrase Searching Search Engine Math Boolean Operators Wildcard Searching Title Searching

20 A phrase is entered using double quotation marks and only matches those that appear adjacent to each other and in the order in which you specify. Example: baseball cards

21 Symbols used in formulas to filter out unwanted listings. Use the plus symbol (+) before words that must appear. Also known as an inclusion operator. Use the minus symbol (-) before words that you do not want to appear. Also known as an exclusion operator.

22 Boolean logic consists of three logical operators: AND NOT OR

23 The * symbol, called an asterisk, is considered a wildcard character. Used if you dont know the spelling of a word Example: N*Ryan to search for Nolan Ryan Used to search plurals or variations of words.

24 Searching the title of a web page. When a web page author creates a Web page, the Web page generally contains a HTML title.

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