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Internet – Part I. What is Internet? Internet is a global computer network of inter-connected networks.

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1 Internet – Part I

2 What is Internet? Internet is a global computer network of inter-connected networks.

3 All computers connected to the internet must communicate with each other using set of rules (protocols) called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol). Internet

4 Internet Activities Send and receive electronic messages (e-mail). Transfer data files to and from computers around the world (File Transfer Protocol [FTP])

5 View corporate or personal documents containing graphical hypertext content (World Wide Web). Internet Activities

6 Share point-of-view on specific subjects with other online groups, (Usenet news-groups - Network News Transfer Protocol). Internet Activities

7 Internet Addressing Each computer directly linked to the Internet must obtain a unique address so that it can be located.

8 A computers internet protocol (IP) address is a four-part series of numbers separated by periods. For example Internet Addressing

9 Because it is difficult to remember a long series of numbers, a name addressing system was developed, called domain name system (DNS), e.g. Internet Addressing

10 The DNS is a world-wide system of databases that maps domain names with their corresponding IP address. Internet Addressing

11 To obtain an Internet domain name, it is necessary to register with (and pay) a special Internet committee, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Connection Access

12 Domain Names When an organization or company establishes a link to the Internet either as a high- speed, dedicated pointer itself or as an account through a dedicated provider, a domain name must be chosen.

13 The name is unique and comprised of these parts: ServerName.OrgName.OrgType.ContryName Domain Name

14 .jo: United Kingdom. Country Name:

15 . com: commercial international organization. Organization Type:

16 . mil: military nonprofit and research network and service operations. Organization Type:

17 Company or organization name: up to 22 alphanumeric characters and cannot include spaces (although underscore can be used). Organization Name:

18 Host computer Hostname Name:

19 This entire domain is part of LAN (Local Area Network) connected to the internet. The network server is connected to the Internet.

20 Each of the computers on the network gain their access to the Internet through the network server.

21 Electronic Mail (email) Electronic mail, or email, is a simple tool for exchanging messages between individuals or among larger audience.

22 Electronic Mail Email messages travel very quickly and inexpensively. The delivery of messages from one part of a country to another may take minutes.

23 Once a message has been received, it can be saved, printed, edited, forwarded to another user, or deleted. Electronic Mail

24 Email is becoming one of the most widely used services on the Internet Electronic Mail

25 1. Fast 2. Can save messages for future reference. 3. Free of charge. Get a free web-based email account through Hotmail Electronic Mail

26 Email Address An email address has two parts: 1. Username; 2. Domain Name.

27 Example

28 Email Messages Parts An email message must have at least two parts: 1. Header; 2. Body.

29 Header The Header contains information about the message: sender, receiver, date and subject.

30 Message Body The body contains the actual message being sent.

31 Message Signature Sometimes, an email message contains a third part, called the signature. It is optional, and usually identifies or provides information about the messages sender.

32 Which email Program to use? 1. On UNIX you may use Pine or Mailx 2. Netscapes mail through Netscape Navigator.

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