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Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade

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1 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
We are pleased to present to you the ultimate Bell Cobra Helicopter avionics upgrade program. Contents: Introduction of Program Overview of Raptor Aviation Overview of Alternative Aviation Overview of the Avionics Upgrade Program Introduction Highlights Overview Video Pricing

2 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade

3 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
INTRODUCTION More than 12,000 Mi 8/17 helicopters have been produced. It has proven to be a very reliable helicopter with excellent hot / high performance. One of the most limiting factors has been the conditions it can operate in due to very basic avionics. Our solution updates the flight deck to the most modern systems available greatly expanding the conditions the helicopter can operate in while at the same time providing a much greater level of safety and reliability. This system provides all the latest and greatest typically associated with the best business jets but does it at a very affordable cost while at the same time offering a weight savings over the old avionics. This system has already been installed in Mi series helicopters and has been selected for a major government upgrade program in another helicopter type.

4 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS Up to Four Screen EFIS Large central MFD / Mission Computer with Video Input EICAS Display for all Engine Indications & Crew Alerting All New 5 Axis Digital Autopilot / SAS Designed for Heavy Helicopters Heli-TAWs with Global Database Tower / Antennas / Obstacle Alerting with Global Database + User Added TCAS I or II Synthetic Vision Dual ADAHRS (Air Data + AHARs) WAAS Capable GPS Dual Integrated FMS Integrated Digital Flight Record----play back the last 5 flights

5 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS User-Definable Approaches Highway-in-the-Sky Hover Vectors Moving Map that includes Rivers / Lakes / Bodies of Water and Political Borders Radar / Traffic Overlay on the Moving Map Designed for Helicopters Light Weight Operates in Extreme Environments. Electronics are Sealed from the Elements. Day, Night, VFR, IFR NVG Compatible Without Using any Films

6 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM OVERVIEW The avionics system upgrades will be certified for day time, night time, VFR and IFR. All displays will be night vision goggle compatible. The Cobham IDU-680P EFIS with supporting Cobham Avionics will be at the heart of the upgrade. The Cool City Avionics SAS/Flight Director/Autopilot will replace the existing Russian SAS. The six-by-eight inch portrait display, called the IDU-680P, is an extension of the certified IDU-450 four-by-five inch landscape display currently featured in the US Navy TH-57 cockpit modernization program and helicopter OEM applications. Engineered to satisfy extreme helicopter environmental operating requirements, the IDU-680 provides more screen area with less weight and forms the core of the Cobham Cockpit solution for civil and special-mission helicopters and airplanes.

7 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM OVERVIEW Like the IDU-450, the IDU-680P features integrated helicopter and fixed-wing TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System), night-vision goggle compatibility, integrated GPS and FMS (Flight Management System), and on-board digital flight recording. It also shares the IDU-450's unique synthetic vision primary flight display for airplanes and helicopters, highway-in-the sky navigation, hover vector symbology, and a wide range of engine display and master caution system options. Like all Cobham Avionics flight displays, the software is DO-178B, Level-A. The IDU-680 can accept a variety of sensor inputs including Cobham's integrated or remote-mount, one-pound ADAHRS (Air Data / Attitude / Heading Reference System) and GPS-WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) receiver. The display also supports up to five RS-170 video inputs as well as TCAS-I / II and ADS-B traffic systems. The IDU-680 will be available in both FAA-certified and MIL-STD versions. “Cobham Avionics is delighted to now offer the features of our proven IDU-450 in a large-format display,” says Vice President Mike Sheehan. “The IDU-680 will meet customer demand for our proven, innovative software and robust hardware in a larger format.”

8 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM OVERVIEW The Cobham EFIS will consist of 4 IDU-680 displays set up in a pilot PFD, pilot MFD, co-pilot PFD, co-pilot MFD configuration. Cobham will also supply a pair of Cobham VHF Comms, a pair of VHF Navigation receivers with Glide Slope receivers, a pair of DMEs and a digital audio control system that includes four intercom stations. Dual digital Air Data computers with an integrated Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) are part of the Cobham EFIS. Heli-TAWS is an integrated part of the Cobham Avionics package. Synthetic Vision is an integrated feature of the Cobham Avionics package. Engine instrumentation will be integrated into the Cobham IDU-680P EFIS. Engine system transducers will be changed as required to facilitate the proper interface to the EFIS. Crew Caution Advisory Annunciations will be displayed on the Cobham MFD.

9 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
SYSTEM OVERVIEW A Pair of L3 Trilogy Secondary Flight Displays with internal battery backup power and remote magnetometers will provide the required emergency flight instrumentation. A 15 inch diagonally measured video display will be installed to provide a display for customer specified systems, such as street maps, Infra-Red camera images, surveillance camera images, etc. A L3 Skywatch 899 TCAS 1 System will be installed to provide active traffic collision avoidance detection. Rockwell Collins TCAS II can be provided at an additional cost. The Cool City 5 channel Stabilization Augmentation System/Flight Director/Autopilot will replace the existing SAS. IFF transponders, UHF communication radios, encrypted radios, cockpit voice recorders, flight data recorders, IR vision, weather radar and other customer required avionics systems can be provided at an additional cost. All installations will come with complete engineering drawings and documentation.

10 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
Samples of different display format options.

11 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
AUTOPILOT SYSTEM OVERVIEW The following is a brief of the autopilot system. The description and pictures represent the HFC-150 system. All of the details of the actually model that will be installed in the Mi helicopter have not been publicly released yet. Needless to say it has been designed for heavy helicopters and is currently being integrated into a helicopter as part of a major purchase by a major government / military. After more than seven years of research and development, a team of highly experienced autopilot professionals has designed the first professional, full-function, digital flight control system that is light-weight and affordable for the light and medium-sized helicopter fleet. No longer is system pricing beyond the cost-effective reach of this vital portion of the rotorcraft market. All helicopter pilots now have available to them the safety enhancements and multiple flight benefits of the stability augmentation and autopilot systems utilized by the larger helicopter and fixed-wing pilots for decades.

12 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
AUTOPILOT SYSTEM OVERVIEW Cool City Avionics automatic flight control and stability augmentation systems offer the pilot the ability to more easily manage flights, while providing the passengers a more comfortable ride. SAS and autopilot systems are proven aids for reducing pilot stress and fatigue, while providing an enhanced safety environment for everyone on board.

13 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
4 minute video on the robustness of the Cobham EFIS.

14 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
PRICING This system is extremely affordable. In fact it is about one half the cost of a similar outdated system that wasn’t nearly as capable. For the lower budget customer a basic two, three, or four screen system could be installed without EICAS and other options. This would still give the customer a very capable system with many addition benefits over what’s presenting in the helicopter. Things like HTAWS and synthetic vision are part of the basic system. For the ultimate upgrade things like EICAS, mission computer / MFD, digital autopilot, TCAS, enhanced (IR) vision, and other customer designated items are integrated. Pricing starts around $600K and can top $2.4M. Due to the large numbers of variables please contact us for a quote of your system.

15 Mi 8 / 17 Helicopter Avionics Upgrade
Hopefully you now have an idea of why this is the best avionics system currently available anywhere in the world for retrofit. It offers more features, robustness, and value for the dollar than anything from any of the more well know vendors. This system is designed for and can be installed in most helicopters and fix-wing aircraft. Significant cost savings and safety can be derived from selecting this system for installation in multiple fleet types. It would greatly reduce the training requirements and parts inventories required. A detailed file on this system is available upon request. While the components are not ITAR restricted any military installation will require clearances. Due to the large number of configuration options available, please contact us to get a quote for you application.

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