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Requirements for MMG Dissertation Committee Meetings

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1 Requirements for MMG Dissertation Committee Meetings
As a reminder, students should be meeting with their committees every 6 months starting in year 4. One week prior to your meeting provide your committee members a one page document describing the progress on your project since the last meeting. At the meeting, the following 4 slides will be required and should be presented in order: Career Development Update Scientific Update Short-term goals accomplished Current short-term goals Additional slides can be added in between these Within 1 week of your meeting, deliver your update, the slides you presented, and the signed MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting form to the Program Administrator for your permanent file.

2 Preparing Your IDP 1.) Before each meeting, complete the NIH IDP survey found here: 2.) Incorporate the results into your IDP slides where appropriate.

3 MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting Career Development Update Date of Last meeting: ____________ Date of Current Meeting: __________ What are your career goals, what are your plans to achieve them, what steps have you already taken, and what long term plans are you making? List any changes since last meeting. Current putative plan(s) for life after grad school Actions taken toward this goal Plans for future actions Possible barriers/issues to consider

4 MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting Scientific Update Date of Last Meeting: _____________ Date of Current Meeting: ______________ Papers published/submitted/in progress (list titles, authors, your contribution, and status) Grants applied for/awarded Meetings attended/abstracts (meeting name and date, abstract title, poster or talk) Awards/recognition Techniques developed or learned since last meeting

5 MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting Short term goals accomplished (since last meeting)
List experimental/thesis goals presented at last meeting and status

6 MMG Thesis Committee Meeting Current short term goals
List experimental/dissertation goals for the next 6-12 months and include brief description of how you plan to meet each goal that you list.

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