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Guidelines and Techniques. When to start preparing for the interview What you need to do in preparation Purpose of the interview When does an interview.

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1 Guidelines and Techniques

2 When to start preparing for the interview What you need to do in preparation Purpose of the interview When does an interview begin and end? Types of Interviews What to expect

3 Pre-cursor to a first interview Used as a weeding out tool Usually short and direct questions May ask about specific qualifications May inform you of benefits and pay which is non- negotiable Commonly done via telephone, computer, video conference If preliminary question still indicate a possible good fit an interview is scheduled

4 Confirm location you will be interviewed at, including office or suite numbers Get names of person or people you will be interviewing with Ask if there is any essential information for navigating through buildings Ask what you should bring any additional documentation with you (Resume is assumed)

5 Know yourself Position you are interviewing for Skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience Know the Employer Mission and Vision Industry, market, and competition The Customers or Targeted Population Company structure or organization

6 Directions An online mapping tool can assist with finding directions Travel time Practice run Arrive 15 minutes ahead of time



9 Industry the production of an economic good or service Customers Targeted population services or goods are provided to Company Structure Flat Structure Tall Structure


11 Proper hygiene Shower before you leave the house Brush teeth or use breath mints (not gum) Clothing in good repair Dress to level of position or one level higher

12 LADIESGENTLEMEN Neat, clean, well groomed hair Minimal make-up Small earrings Jewelry – single necklace, one ring, watch Conservative blouse, dark suit, skirt, or slacks Shoes – dark, clean, and conservative heels Neat, clean, well- groomed hair Conservative shirt or dark suit When choosing a tie – be conservative Always wear dark socks Shoes – dark, clean, and conservative


14 15 minutes early Greet everyone kindly Be courteous to everyone WHY??


16 Typical Interview Interviewee and a singer interviewer Panel Interview Interviewee and two or more interviewers Group Interview Two or more interviewees Behavioral Interview Questions focus on soft skills vs. professional experience

17 Make eye contact and speak to all in the room Speak clearly and avoid slang Keep answers concise and to the point Ensure your points are relevant and clearly understood Pay ATTENTION to the interviewers names and USE them when responding


19 Keep answers short Tell about job experience and education Example: My interest or experience in the field began around _____. I have studied this type of specialty area. My related education is/are _____. I have worked and/or volunteered for ______.

20 Skills, Abilities, and Experiences that relate to the job Have at least three on hand that directly pertain to the position you are applying for Could be a company value Years of experience in the field Specialized education or training

21 Do NOT say anything negative Pick a weakness that is really a positive Example: I am a perfectionist. I really dont like to quit until I get a car running just right. Example: Ive been told I occasionally focus on details and miss the bigger pictures, so Ive been spending time laying out the complete project every day to see my overall progress.

22 No College Education: I wish I wouldnt have waited so long to obtain my college degree. I am currently attending _____ and I am on schedule to graduate _____. Basic Computer Skills: I would like to be more competent with computers. I am currently taking as many free online classes in reference to Microsoft, Windows, and internet navigation as I can find. Lack of Employment History: Due to my age I have not had the opportunity to develop a lot of employment history. I have been assisting/volunteering for as many places as possible to gain more experience.

23 Do your homework before the interview Mission Statement and/or Vision Statement You should know what the company or business does Has company been in the news? (dont mention negatives) Who are key people you should know about? Demonstrates you are genuinely interested in the company

24 What do you know about the job? Why should we hire you? What makes you standout from other candidates? Can you work under pressure? Or can you give an example of a time you worked under pressure. Why are you looking for employment or why did you leave your last job? Why do you want to work at X Company? What relevant experience do you have? If your previous co-workers/supervisor were here, what would they say about you?

25 Have you done anything to further your experience? What motivates you to do a good job? Are you good at working on a team? Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented. Has anything ever irritated you about people you worked with and how did you handle it? Is there anyone you just could not work with? Tell me about any issues youve had with a previous boss.

26 Keep it general and work related It can be challenging when an interviewer starts with explaining company and position which are great questions to ask Other questions include: How soon are you looking to hire? Can I have a business card? What does a typical day entail?

27 Ask appropriate job related questions Obtain business cards Thank the interviewers Smile and be gracious all the way out the door

28 Send Thank You Cards within 1 – 2 days following the interview Thank you cards addressed to interviewers individually Meaning one note per interviewer Keep note brief Refer to specific things the interviewers said during the interview Reaffirm how you can add value to the company NO grammatical or spelling errors

29 Career Trax

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