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1 1Revision 5 BUSH POWER GROUP LLC The Woodlands, Texas Presentation to

2 Revision 52 Bush Power Group LLC Proposal: Form a Mutually Beneficial Cooperative Agreement with City of Huntsville to develop and build a Plasma Gasification Plant In this proposal Bush Power Group LLC would: Develop, engineer, oversee construction of Gasification Plant Aggregate and sort municipal solid wastes (MSW) and green waste Prepare wastes for conversion Convert MSW into synthetic diesel and electric power Provide synthetic diesel at reduced cost to City, Local Farmers and Ranchers, County and State Agencies

3 Revision 53 Proposal Obligations City of Huntsville provides: Memorandum of Understanding MSW, sewage sludge, used tires, green waste delivery Space on the existing Landfill Project Site Infrastructure support (scales, access roads, others) Bush Power Group provides: 100% Private Financing for Project Engineering, Procurement & Construction Project Management Operation, Maintenance & Repair Shared Savings

4 Revision 54 WHO IS BUSH POWER GROUP? Bush Power Group LLC, of The Woodlands, Texas, a Texas Limited Liability Company, will be the overall Project Developer & Manager responsible for the power plant design and integration of the power and utilities to each of the major plant components. BPG principals have more than 100 years of domestic & international combined experience in the design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance expertise in world class sized simple cycle, combined cycle, and cogeneration plants.

5 Revision 55 What is Gasification? Gasification is a process using an electric arc (plasma) at very high temperatures (± 10,000 F) to convert organic compounds to synthetic gas composed of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide. Syngas can be used to generate electricity, create synthetic diesel (FT diesel) and a variety of other marketable FT fluids. Gasification adds value to low or negative value waste fuels by converting them to marketable fuels and products.

6 Revision 56 Household and Commercial Garbage Plant materials (Trees, Grass, Wood Products) Paint, Liquid Waste, Etc. Tires NiCad, Lithium, Lead Acid Batteries Used Motor Oil, Oil Filters Household Hazardous Waste Items Containing Cfc's Fluorescent Light Bulbs Wastes That Can Be Gasified

7 Revision 57 BENEFITS OF GASIFICATION Fuel Flexibility -A very wide range of fuels can be used Product Flexibility -Syngas can be used to produce a multitude of high value products from low value fuels Environmental Superiority -Pollutants can be economically controlled to very low levels (NOx, SOx, Mercury, Lead) -High efficiency/ Low CO production -Creates Green Energy credits

8 Revision 58 Plasma Gasification – A Superior Technology Not burning; Not an incinerator or boiler No emissions from gasifier Reduced air & liquid emissions from facility Best available technology for destroying hazardous materials per EPA No ash is produced Recoverable metals and vitrified slag available for sale

9 Revision 59 Hard glass like, non toxic, non leaching byproduct NOT Regulated as a hazardous byproduct by EPA or TCEQ GASIFIER BYPRODUCT- VITRIFIED SLAG

10 Revision 510 GASIFICATION IS CLEAN POWER Uses 100% proven technology By-products are saleable assets: metals, slag, Syngas, potable water, steam, power, FT liquids, etc. Syngas created from any combination of municipal solid waste (MSW), coal, pet coke, biomass, car fluff, oily wastes, tires, etc. Creates Green Energy Credits An economically feasible, environmentally compliant, technically proven solution

11 Revision 511 SAVINGS POTENTIAL Pay Plasma Power Partners LLC $60 per ton tipping fee City of Huntsville receives rent for plant site of $30 per ton 120 tons/day plant consumption = $3,600 per day rent $936,000 per year rent. Purchase diesel fuel for City of Huntsville at reduced cost OR Current Situation: Continue to collect and haul MSW @ $60 per ton Continue to increase cost to taxpayers over time

12 Revision 512 City of Huntsville Gasification Project Summary and Benefits $936,000 per year revenue to City of Huntsville for Project land rent Provide ultra low sulfur diesel to City at reduced cost for further cost savings Provide jobs and High Tech workforce Provide research opportunities with area Universities Attract new business and industry to Huntsville and surrounding area Generate Green Energy Credits and Air Quality Emissions Credits Attract International attention to City for its Green Energy Initiative

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