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Submission Title: [MAC requirements for the BAN]

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1 Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)
Submission Title: [MAC requirements for the BAN] Date Submitted: [July 2007] Source: [SungHyup Lee, and YangMoon Yoon] Company [KORPA(Korea Radio Promotion Agency)] Voice: [ Re: [] Abstract: [This document presents BAN-related MAC issues] Notice: This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release: The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P

2 Medium Access Control (MAC) requirements for BAN
SungHyup Lee and YangMoon Yoon KORPA (Korea Radio Promotion Agency) I am SungHyup Lee from South Korea and work for KORPA The title of my talk is “Medium Access Control (MAC) requirements for BAN.

3 Purpose and Contents This document presents the MAC requirements for BAN Contents Goal of MAC protocol for BAN MAC issues on BAN MAC protocols for WPAN Intra / Inter body communications Considerations of MAC protocol for BAN 3

4 Goal: Outline of MAC requirements for BAN
The MAC (Medium Access Control) Layer of the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Standard will be compatible with the IEEE 802 requirements for architecture, management, and inter-networking. Energy-efficient wireless body area network - Battery-powered devices Body sensor: recharge/exchange (alternative) Wearable devices: recharge/exchange (possible) Harmonization and convergence with the different MAC technologies for near-field communication - Scalable MAC protocol The goal of this draft is to indicate the outline of MAC requirements for BAN.

5 MAC issues on 802.15 BAN Reliable transmission QoS guarantee
Low power consumption Secure transmission Ref.) DOC: IEEE ban, Jan 5

6 WPAN: Near- field communication
MAC protocols for WPAN UWB (Ultra-WideBand) ZigBee/IEEE compatible network Bluetooth (piconet) Bluetooth UWB ZigBee Body Area Network WPAN: Near- field communication 6

7 MAC protocols for WPAN UWB ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 compatible network
TDMA-based, contention-based, QoS-supported MAC ZigBee/IEEE compatible network Contention-based MAC WSN-specific MAC S-MAC, T-MAC, TRAMA.. Bluetooth Polling-based MAC 7

8 Inter/Intra body communications
Intra-body communication (BAN-BAN) Personal server to personal server communication paradigm WPAN-centric technology IEEE (WPAN) Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) Inter-body communication (BAN-External network) Personal server to AP/BS communication paradigm should use internet to communicate with control center and end user IEEE (WLAN) IEEE (Wired network) 8

9 Consideration of MAC protocols for BAN
Scalable and flexible protocol BAN can consist of the variety wireless devices Application-dependant protocol Medical and non-medical applications Heterogeneous devices Sensors / Wearable devices Inter-networking and inter-operation with Internet or external network. 9

10 Consideration of MAC protocols for BAN
Questions for deployment How to control and manage the different MAC protocols? How to support the routing or upper layer? How to co-operate with PHY or lower layer? How to support multi-hop routing? How to minimize overhead and frame size? Scalable approach Cross-layer approach In this slide, we consider the following questions? How to solve and overcome? Optimized approach 10

11 Summary Need to MAC protocol and requirements of BAN
MAC protocols of WPAN Consideration of MAC requirements BAN 11

12 Reference Doc: IEEE 802.15-07-0534-00-0ban Doc: IEEE 802.15-17-0564
Open issues on the BAN Doc: IEEE Use Cases, Applications, and Requirements for BAN Doc: IEEE SG4d-5c IEEE P Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks Study Group Functional Requirements Standards Development Criteria Doc: IEEE c MAC attributes break down indicating interference avoidance 12

13 Thank you for your attention!
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