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2018 NLTAPA Regional Update

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1 2018 NLTAPA Regional Update
As of April 2018

2 National LTAP Association
Bylaws Updated in March NLTAPA Website National LTAP Association Bylaw Update Added the roles and responsibilities of the Vice- Treasurer Removed out of date language General wordsmithing 2

3 NLTAPA Regions Northeast Great Lakes North Central Western
Mid- Atlantic Southeast South Central TTAP Just a simple map showing the regions that may be useful for new folks – Note TTAP is an overlay on the regions

4 2018 NLTAPA Leadership s Officers Reg. Reps WG Chairs Liaisons
PE V aa pd nace s S s T pd t apwa i C Officers Reg. Reps t c WG Chairs Liaisons Past-Pres.

5 NLTAPA Executive Committee
Officers & Regional Representatives 5

6 Officers President Denise Brown North Dakota President - Elect
David Orr New York Vice President Donna Shea Connecticut Secretary Melissa Townsend  Nebraska Treasurer Victoria Beale Ohio Vice Treasurer

7 Regional Representatives
TTAP Beth O'Donnell National TTAP Mid-Atlantic Carly Keane Maryland Northeast Brenda Codella Massachusetts Southeast Matt Cate Tennessee South Central Steve Strength Louisiana Great Lakes Tim Colling Michigan Western Rebecca Mayer Arizona North Central Terri Nihil Nebraska

8 New Center Directors TTAP Since last summer (Fall 2017) LTAP

9 2018 Conference New Orleans, LA July 23-26, 2018 Hotel Monteleone 9



12 Lots going on with your Hard Working Work Groups

13 Partnerships Workgroup
Work Group Chairs: Donna Shea, Connecticut Victoria Beale, Ohio 13

14 Partnerships & Liaisons
NACE AASHTO APWA NTTD Keith Knapp, IA Tim Colling – MI Martha Horseman – KY Donna Shea, CT 14

15 Partner Activities All Agreements are being updated and will be signed during an all partners session at National – a recommitment to our partnerships. Joint Conference with NTTD in 2019 Safety Partnership with NACE Safety Efforts with AASHTO Article in the APWA Reporter – June LTAP Panel at the October NTTD Conference

16 Safety Workgroup Chairs: Matthew Enders, Washington Janet Leli, New Jersey 16

17 Safety Activities Safety Webinars Safety Peer Exchange
Participation on National Safety Committees with NACE, APWA and AASHTO Local Road Safety Plan Pilot Program EDC 5 Submissions to Support Local Road Safety Safety Circuit Rider Community

18 Safety Peer Exchange State

19 Professional Development Workgroup
Chairs: Kim Carr, West Virginia Mary McCarthy, Connecticut Professional Development Workgroup 19

20 Professional Development Initiatives
LTAP U Center Sharing Sessions Peer-to-peer Program New Director Orientations 20

21 National Program Achievement Award
Presented by NLTAPA to an individual (or individuals) in recognition of their dedication, leadership, and effectiveness in promoting the goals and purposes of the National Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Program through service to the Association (NLTAPA). 21

22 Eligibility: Selection Criteria: Any current or former employee of an
LTAP or TTAP Center An FHWA Program Office A Partner Organization (broadly defined) Selection Criteria: Significance and Robustness Leadership Quality Dedication and Effort

23 Training Resources Workgroup
Chairs: Steve Strength, Louisiana Matt Carter, Delaware 23

24 Training/Resource Sessions at the National Conferenc
AASHTO TC3 Training Tailgate Talks Training/Resource Sessions at the National Conferenc 24

25 Poster Contest That Little Something Extra
(b) Breakout session with 10 minutes each for poster submitters (c) Scavenger Hunt Contact Regina Hackett at the CT LTAP if you will be submitting a poster. PDF’s need to be submitted by July 2nd to: 25

26 New Chairs: Matt Cate, Tennessee Marie Walsh, Louisiana Innovation Work Group Still need a co-chair 26

27 Communication Work Group
Chair: Rebecca Mayher, Arizona Communication Work Group 27

28 Communications NLTAPA Website
NLTAPA Facebook Google Group  /nltapagroup NLTAPA Newsletter Communication Sessions at National Send an to Rebecca to get added to Facebook or Google Groups We also use Basecamp for projects Rebecca Mayher 28

29 29

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