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Regional Digester Manure and Food Processing Waste.

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1 Regional Digester Manure and Food Processing Waste


3 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

4 Manure and Deads from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

5 Food Processing Waste

6 Regional Digester Combining Manure and Food Processing Waste to Generate Energy


8 Facility Location

9 Regional Digester Mission To build and manage energy plants in rural locations fueled by Ag BioSolids (ABS) and high-energy substrates utilizing integrated leading edge technologies to generate renewable sources of biogas (natural gas) while extending benefits to local communities through manure and waste management solutions and local economic development.

10 The Regional Digester Process converting manure and food processing waste into energy

11 The Regional Digester Process 1.Primary Process Building and Mixing tanks (plus blood tank, grease tank, water tank) 2.Anaerobic Process Acid Tanks (mesophillic) Acid/Methane Tank (thermophillic) Methane Tanks (thermophillic) 3.Separation Building Primary/Secondary Separation (screw press) Reheating and recycle loops CSNRC (enclosed DAF technology) 4.SBR 5.Effluent Storage Pond

12 Regional Digester Flow Diagram Residuals for Digestion Flash Mix Digesters Bio-Gas Solid and Liquid Effluent Bedding Solids And Fertilizer Separator Effluent Liquid Fertilizer (seasonal based) Dissolved Air Floatation DAF Solids returned For Dilution and Digestion Sequencing Batch Reactor I rrigation To City per IPP Recycle to Primary

13 The Regional Digester Process Primary Process Building Trucks off-load residual to site by dumping or pumping Mix Liquid Food Residuals Rendering and Process Inedible Recycle Effluent CSNRC Float Acid Phase

14 The Regional Digester Process Anaerobic Process Primary Mix Influent Methane Digestion X2 Acid Phase Acid Mix

15 The Regional Digester Process Methane Tanks (thermophillic) Thermophillic Digester Total Mix Condition Primary Influent from A/M Primary Separation Return Return Heat and Floc. / Metal Salt Bio-Gas Secondary Effluent Primary Effluent

16 The Regional Digester Process Separation Building Primary Influent Sep. Return to digestion With heat and M Salt Secondary Influent Sep. CSNRC Anaerobic Float CSNRC CLEAR Run to SBR

17 The Regional Digester Process Primary separation (screw press) with recycle back to Digester

18 Primary and Secondary Separation

19 The Regional Digester Process Secondary Separation (screw presses)

20 The Regional Digester Process The CSNRC (Closed System Nutrient Recovery Cell)

21 The Regional Digester Process The Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR)

22 mix/fill react/fill react settle decant/ waste sludge

23 The Regional Digester Process The Pond

24 Regional Digester Benefits Improving the Environment Benefiting local communities Providing economic development Building numerous Partnerships

25 Regional Digester Benefits Improving the Environment –Reduce Carbon footprint –Reduced Hydrogen Sulfide emissions –Reduce pollution generated by CAFOs –Converting waste to energy –Generate recurring revenue as a renewable, clean, domestic energy source.

26 Improving the Environment Reduce pollution generated by CAFOs -Odors -proper nutrient loading on soils (P & NH3-N) -prevent raw manure runoff into waterways

27 Regional Digester Benefits Benefiting local communities –Creating jobs locally (about 60 employees) –Improving the tax base (profitable business) –Helping the local municipality –Helping the local farmer Local farmers use biosolids Local farmers use clean irrigation water Local farmers improve the environment

28 Regional Digester Benefits Providing local economic development –Creating Partnerships (farmers, industries, municipalities) –Providing local jobs – Helping local industries and farmers with their waste management solutions –Helping industries and farmers prevent environmental issues –Helping industry save operating costs Preventing landfill disposal costs

29 Regional Digester

30 Regional Digester Benefits Building Partnerships –Beneficial relationship with local community – Beneficial relationship with local WWTP Help local WWTP come into compliance Take high strength waste away from WWTP Provide low NH3-N dilution water to WWTP –Partnership with local farmers (sharing resources) –Beneficial partnership with local industry –Relationship with State regulatory agencies –Relationship with large utilities (pipeline)

31 We will always need food!

32 We will always need energy!

33 We will always need to protect the environment!

34 A Regional Digester helps us MANAGE it properly!

35 Regional Digester Project Additional Contact Information

36 Just a Couple of Water Guys Brian Ross & Bernie Sheff

37 Questions ??

38 Additional Pictures

39 Local Farmers Improve the Environment through Pollution Prevention

40 Pollution Prevention

41 Turbidity Nuisance algae and excessive weed growth Bacterial slimes Foam Fish Kills Sediment beds at or near outlets Significant downstream/upstream changes Stains on Side Slope Common Indicators of Water Quality

42 Turbidity

43 Algae Excessive Weed Growth

44 Algae Growth

45 Bacterial slimes

46 Foam

47 Preventing Discharges

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