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Renee L. Wallace Associate Vice President Academic Personnel Services August 8, 2013.

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1 Renee L. Wallace Associate Vice President Academic Personnel Services August 8, 2013

2 Resignation/Retirement Phased Retirement Emeritus Modified Service

3 Need statement in writing from faculty To be binding, must be stated in present tense, not a statement of what is planned in the future I hereby resign/retire from my TN/TT faculty position effective [date] NOT: I plan to … or I intend to Department chair or dean needs to accept the resignation/retirement IN WRITING Can be separate memo, or just written on the facultys notice

4 Both notice and acceptance should be sent to the Provosts Office for the faculty personnel file If accepted, cannot be revoked at discretion of faculty Revocation is a separate offer from faculty to university and can be either accepted or declined

5 As a general rule, retirement or resignation date should be 8/31 (or 1/15) For retirement, an earlier date in the summer can be used if faculty wishes to begin participation in retiree insurance plan For resignation, the end date should be prior to starting at another institution Terminal appointments will end on 8/31

6 Additional information needed for trend analysis and reporting: Reason for resignation, i.e. to take employment with another institution, the government, or private sector; to follow other professional pursuits Any secondary consideration if applicable, i.e. due to personal/family concerns, terminal appointment decision, or not wanting to undergo promotion review Faculty members next destination, including new institution name, organization type, and new job title/rank whenever possible

7 Program to facilitate the transition of a Tenured faculty member into full retirement Should only be used when it benefits both faculty and the University Commitment of up to three years part time (50% or 25%) appointment Faculty member changes to retired status and relinquishes tenure Benefits structure changes No longer contribute to retirement plan Enrolled in retiree insurance plan, which includes full premium sharing

8 May continue to hold endowment and receive proportional supplement amount Eligible for salary increases during PR period according to salary policy in effect TRS faculty must have 1 month break in service May have unbalanced teaching load, i.e. all teaching in one semester and none in the next Not eligible for emeritus status until fully retired Faculty member may elect to end agreement early and enter complete retirement

9 Based upon individual distinction and quality of contribution and service to The University Initiated by nomination of Budget Council/Executive Committee; Voting totals should be included in nomination Dean may recommend Emeritus status on currently held chair or professorship Must be specified in nomination Must be allowable in donor criteria Faculty may not receive supplement after full retirement

10 Membership without vote in General Faculty and college/department faculties May serve on graduate committees subject to approval from Graduate Studies May serve as PI on research grants May be provided office space when available and with approval of dept chair and dean New position is created in HRMS for emeritus title; regular faculty position remains in place

11 Appointments should only be made if there is significant benefit to the University Terms no longer than one academic year for no more than 1/2 FTE Should not be considered for summer teaching assignments TRS faculty must be mindful of post- retirement work limitations that could impact their annuity benefits Assignments are processed on existing faculty position

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