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WIC Program Overview Healthy Choices More Variety.

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1 WIC Program Overview Healthy Choices More Variety

2 Goals and Objectives Improve the Nutritional Health of WIC Families Maximizing educational opportunities - Group or individual

3 Education and Food Benefits Prenatal Nutrition Breastfeeding Postpartum Introduction to infant feeding Time for a cup Family education

4 Prenatal and Post-partum Nutrition Services RD Nutrition counseling for Hi-Risk participants Community Worker nutrition counseling and weight checks every trimester and during the first 6 weeks postpartum Prenatal and post-natal nutrition education Anticipatory guidance for breastfeeding and technical (hands on) support after delivery Referrals to support services

5 Breastfeeding Incentives and Support Incentives Fully breastfeeding infants > 6 months receive larger quantities of baby food fruits and vegetables; also baby food meat. Fully breastfeeding mothers receive most variety and largest quantity of food, including $10 cash- value voucher for fruits and vegetables. Support Anticipatory breastfeeding guidance (phone/in- person) prenatally. Information and help (phone/in- person) post-partum Peer counselor consultations Lactation Consultant assessment and advice Help with breast pump loans and assistive devices

6 Infants 0-12 months Nutrition assessment and guidance for feeding (breast feeding and formula) birth to 6 months Advice with transition to solids at 6 months Information about transition to cup, bottle weaning and progression of solids at 8-10 months Information and guidance with transition to whole milk and progression to table foods at 12 months

7 Infant Food Package Formula amounts tied to feeding practice and age of infant Complementary foods provided at 6 months Baby food fruits and vegetables for all infants Baby food meats for fully breastfed infants Juice eliminated

8 Child (1 year to 5 years) Monitoring of immunization status up to 2 years Annual H/H evaluation 12-23 months – whole milk only 24 months to 5 years – reduced fat milk only Ht/wt check and age related nutrition evaluation with anticipatory education every 6 months

9 Goals and Objectives Strengthening partnerships

10 Partnerships with Health Care Professionals and other Community Organizations Routine referrals make up 85 percent of all WIC referrals. Organizations and programs include and are not limited to: -San Mateo Medical Center and clinics -Health Plan of San Mateo Insurance Programs (Medi-cal, Healthy kids, Healthy Families) -Cal-Works -SNAP – Food Stamps -Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) -Tobacco Prevention Program -Head Start and Early Headstart Programs -San Mateo County Field Nursing Program -San Mateo County Prenatal to Three Program -Second Harvest Food Bank - Communities Overcoming Relationship Abuse -Other County Resources relevant to the families being served.

11 Goals and Objectives Taking into account cultural food preferences Soy products Tortillas

12 Current Food Benefits (Checks) Milk, Cheese, Eggs Juice for adult participants & children above 1 year of age only Breakfast Cereal, whole grains, tortillas Peanut Butter Dried Beans, Peas, Lentils Fresh fruits and vegetables for all ages Infant cereal, baby fruits and vegetables and baby meats Infant Formula (contract and therapeutic) Soy milk and tofu on request and/or for medical reasons NEW Food Package changed since October 2009

13 Medical Documentation Medically fragile WIC participants may receive all WIC foods if not contraindicated. Children may receive soy beverage and tofu from age 2 and up with medical documentation. WIC must obtain medical documentation for: Therapeutic formula and any food restrictions

14 Resources for Collaboration, click Health Professionals AAP-WIC video: New WIC Requirements WIC website with provider relevant information: WIC formulas WIC fact sheet New pediatric form with instructions and tutorial MD-WIC Network Email:

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