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Broad Institute New Voluntary Benefits Offering: Universal Life with Long Term Care Legal Guard.

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1 Broad Institute New Voluntary Benefits Offering: Universal Life with Long Term Care Legal Guard

2 Enrollment Process Employees and their eligible dependents may apply for coverage November 9 through December 11, 2009 with limited health questions required. Premiums are paid through convenient payroll deductions while employed here at Broad and since your policy is individually owned, its also fully portable if you should leave employment for any reason.

3 Universal Life Insurance Features Flexible and permanent coverage Cash value accumulation Death Benefit Restoration Accelerated Death Benefit Extension of Benefits

4 LifeEvents ® Advantage Universal LifeEvents is uniquely designed to match the needs of employees as they go through life The LifeEvents® Advantage: For the same premium, it pays a higher death benefit during working years and continues higher living benefits during retirement years compared to traditional universal life

5 $33,333 Life $100,000 Life Before Benefit Reduction After Benefit Reduction LifeEvents ® Advantage At the same time, your living benefits continue at the full original level so you have maximum protection when you are more likely to need long term care Death Benefit Reduces To 1/3 (The Later of Age 70 or Policy Year 15) $100,000 LTC

6 Death Benefit Restoration LTC When LTC provides accelerated benefits Death Benefit Restoration Death Benefit Restoration : Restores Face AmountAccumulated Value The Face Amount and Accumulated Value (and any applicable surrender charges)

7 Accelerates 75% of death benefit when life expectancy is 24 months or less No cost until benefit payment is requested One time $200 fee in most states Future premiums will be waived for the 24 months during which death is expected to occur Universal Life Includes Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit

8 Extension Of Benefits Extends benefits under the LTC –When the insured is still eligible for benefits after completing the full acceleration of the original benefit –Benefits will be extended up to the amount of the original LTC available Maximum issue age is 64 $100,000 Death Benefit With LTC Benefits : $100,000 x 4% = $4,000 Per Month Months of Benefits (Extended From 25 Months to 50 Months) LTCEOB

9 Universal Life Optional Rider EZ Value Increase $1 Increase Per Week for 10 years Universal LifeEvents ® with LTC Nonsmoker, age 30 at issue, $50,000 death benefit; $9.98 per week deduction

10 Universal Life Optional Rider Childrens Term Rider Covers All Children for $10,000 Up to 23 Years / Maximum Enrollment Age Is 23 –New children* are automatically insured the day after they are released from the hospital following birth *also applies to adopted children under age 18 –Can Be Added Either to Employees or Spouses Coverage –Grandchildren are not eligible without legal guardianship

11 Universal Life Optional Accidental Death Benefit This rider doubles the insureds death benefit if death occurs by accident prior to age 75 Employees can select this rider if they are between the ages of 15 to 64 Available for Employee, Spouse, Child and Grandchild Can be added on to an existing policy up to age 65

12 Modified Guarantee Issue Benefit Limits –Employees 18-64, 2x salary up to $100,000 –Spouse 18-64, greater of amount purchased by $4 per week or $5,000 –Children:* Amount of coverage purchased by $4.50 per week or $10,000 Child Term Rider –MGI Underwriting Questions 1. Is any person to be insured now disabled, been seen by a physician or treated in a medical facility, including a doctors office, within the last 6 months for illness or disease (other than flu and colds)? 2. Has any person to be insured been treated for, or diagnosed by a member of the medical profession as having, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or tested positive on an AIDS or Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Test? * Child cannot be covered under both individual policy and Child Term Rider. Applicant must chose coverage type. Underwriting

13 –Employee up to $300,000 –Spouse up to $300,000 –Full Medical Underwriting –Exams are required for certain limits Maximum Benefit Limits

14 Broad Institute New Voluntary Benefits Offering: Legal Guard

15 LEGAL PROBLEMS ARE A FACT OF LIFE IN TODAYS COMPLICATED WORLD… family law43% of all general practice legal matters are family law related. employees are not prepared70% of all working employees are not prepared to face a legal problem. 50% of Working American Households will face one legal problem this year. 25% of employees will have more than one legal matter this year.

16 LEGAL COVERAGE FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY – ONE LOW MONTHLY RATE! You as the Excusive Plan Member Your Spouse Dependent Children living at home or full-time student to age 23 Any Disabled Child Under Your Primary Care Elder Parents (Limited Benefits) Free Simple Will AND Living Will Free Initial Consultations Free ID Theft Restoration Services Weekly Premiums Legal Guard Family $4.09

17 Unlimited Free Consultations with Financial Counselors on: Debt Management Budgeting Credit Problems Free Family Budget Prepared at No Cost FINANCIAL PLANNING BENEFITS Unlimited Free Consultations with Certified Financial Planners on: Savings & Investments Long-Term Planning $75 Rebate on Financial Plan Preparation FINANCIAL COUNSELING BENEFITS

18 Preventive BenefitsPlan Rate Estimated Cost Without Plan Free Consultations Members receive unlimited initial consultations with Plan Attorneys Free$50 - $250 each Document Reviews Members may have simple documents reviewed by a Plan Attorney. Free$200 - $500 each Estate Planning Documents Members may have a Simple Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and/or Living Trust prepared by a Plan Attorney each plan year. Free$75 - $2,500 each Preparation of Legal Documents A wide range of legal documents are covered fully by the LegalGUARD plan Including deeds, leases, affidavits and others. Free$75 - $400 each Dispute Resolution Members may have dispute resolution letters or phone calls made by a Plan Attorney to resolve a consumer dispute each year. Free$150 - $750 each Website Access Members have unlimited access to user friendly online resources. FreeExclusively for Members PREVENTIVE BENEFITS

19 COVERED LEGAL SERVICES Examples of Covered Legal Services Plan RatesEstimated Cost without Plan Name ChangePaid in Full$150 - $400 Real Estate ClosingPaid in Full$300 - $700 Dispute with LandlordPaid in Full$500 - $2,000 AdoptionPaid in Full$500 - $1,500 Debt Collection DefensePaid in Full$500 - $2,000 GuardianshipPaid in Full$500 - $750 Civil Litigation DefensePaid in Full$1,000 - $2,000 Tax AuditPaid in Full$2,000 Suspended LicensePaid in Full$500 - $1,000 Misdemeanor DefensePaid in Full$2,000

20 NEXT STEP Talk with a Benefit Representative Review Personal Options Visit Broad Voluntary Benefits Website Questions Are Confidential

21 CONTACT INFORMATION 1-800-229-3642 You will receive a follow-up courtesy phone call to answer any specific questions regarding this webinar. Representatives available Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT

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