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The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange A Private Exchange.

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1 The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange A Private Exchange

2 Built to meet a changing market Designed to fulfill consumer expectations A Private Insurance Exchange

3 The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange, a division of Cornerstone, is a private exchange developed exclusively for brokers. Weve created a web-based insurance shopping experience brokers can private label to their own business and share with their clients and prospects. A Private Insurance Exchange

4 The quoting engine is powered by Norvax, our technology partner. In addition to allowing clients to build their own quotes (Quote Builder), the service also includes a broker centric proposal and lead management system. (Broker Office). A Private Insurance Exchange

5 The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange offers consumers a marketplace to shop for individual health and ancillary insurance products. Our exchange offers a variety of plan options from a wide selection of carriers which highlights our motto of choice and flexibility. For many, we simplify an overwhelming purchasing task and turn it into a positive, empowering experience. A Private Insurance Exchange

6 Key Components Easy to Use! Information is displayed in an easy to use format and follows a next step approach. A variety of filter options makes narrowing plan choices a simple process as well. Plan Selection Assistance Easy use of a Plan Compare feature helps to determine the best fit for the consumer. Plans Our exchange quotes a variety of carriers and plans, including Individual options and ancillary coverage. Subsidy Calculator We provide the opportunity to check subsidy eligibility using an on-line subsidy calculator.

7 Site Information and Tools

8 Site Branding Customized site branding Active link to place on the site to re- direct to the branded exchange.

9 Our Carriers Ancillary Senior Individual

10 Individual Option 1.Basic Info 2. Additional detail 3. Plan review/selection ZIP and insurance type Gender, age, smoker, effective date Plan filters, compare and selection

11 Individual Option

12 Broker Office

13 Client Proposals

14 Send Proposals via Email

15 Auto Responder

16 Private Exchange - Requirements Broker contract with Cornerstone. Well assist with setting up your carrier appointments, existing or new. Our major carriers are, but are no limited to: Anthem, Medical Mutual, Humana, HealthSpan and UHC An Assurant and/or Aetna appointment is required, which involves a set-up link through Norvaxs GoHealth Division. Service Contract with Norvax $39 per month 12 month term

17 Summary Our goal is to make continual, timely updates and worthwhile enhancements ensuring a process that is both easy to use and understand for brokers and consumers alike. Q4 2013 On-exchange quoting Enhanced co-branding options roll-out, including Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter options Agent/Broker certifications for public exchanges Open Enrollment begins October 1st 2014: Loading additional ancillary carriers throughout the year.

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