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Web-based energy efficiency calculators. Energy Agency Iceland Small agency Few employees Huge task.

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1 Web-based energy efficiency calculators

2 Energy Agency Iceland Small agency Few employees Huge task

3 Interactive Calculators Automatic service every time, everywhere Simple, reach more users with less info rather than few with to heavy and complicated information Usable tools on the Internet seem to spread by themselves if they work and give interesting info. Easy to monitor if they work with internet counting Popular calculators draw attention to other things provided by the Agency. User wants e.g. to compare cars and suddenly he is calculating different light bulbs

4 Interactive Calculators The calculators make it very easy to create updated and graphical material for presentations, brochures, leaflets and posters

5 Magic I will reduce the cost of fuel by 50% 3 times

6 Trick 1 New car



9 How can the owner save annually?: 780 litres of oil 1620 kg CO 2 194.657 ISK (1180 ) By buying the following car next time………..





14 If everyone in Iceland would make similar changes when they renew their vehicles. The effect would be the same as 100.000 electric vehicles. 150 million litres of oil 350.000 tons of CO 2

15 The secret behind trick 1 You can not change the price per liter of gasoline or diesel But…You can teach people that the actual product they buy at fuel stations are NOT liters….. It is DISTANCE or kilometers!

16 How far can you go for a liter?


18 My car


20 Difference/year: 8000 liters of oil 1.500 kg CO 2 No difference in quality of life

21 Trick 2 Cost of the trip


23 The secret behind trick 2 Transport has only one purpose To get people from A to B Most cars have more than one seat If you take two people from A to B in the same trip You reduce the cost per person by 50%



26 Trick 3 Bike/walk to work

27 Bike to work

28 Dream bike


30 The secret behind trick 3 You drive 10.000 km. per year If you walk or bike 5000 km. per year You reduce the fuel cost for the total 10.000 km. by 50%


32 People are using the tools The year 2012 there were around 50 thousand people using the web page with around 300.000 hits. The agency has never advertised the page, you do not enter it by mistake and besides the interactive tools it is rather inactive page The only material on the page is energy efficiency and the total population of Iceland is only 315.000.


34 Gasoline use in Iceland I start working at the agency

35 Thank you! During this lecture the CO 2 emission from the use of fossil fuel in transport in Iceland was 87.356 kg

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