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2 2 From where did we get to where we are? Jim Kennedy & Professor Darren Dalcher BCS Jim Kennedy Prize at Middlesex University

3 3 BCS Presenters Dalim Basu Chair, North London Branch (NLB) Angela Patel Committee Member NLB Youssef Bouguerra Committee Member NLB Andy Lewis Registrar & Director of Member Services Andrew Brown Chair, Young Professionals Group

4 4 North London Branch at University Dalim Basu Just the Job Treat your job hunt as a project - start date Today

5 5 Just the Job Distant horizons.. Vision & objectives –Whats different about me? Its a tough world out there.. –Where do I want to be in 5 years time? –Steps along the way Project plans & possibilities –Business plan & Toolkit

6 6 Just the Job The grass is always greener.. Overview the lie of the land –DIY e.g. Contracting, Working for yourself –Market sectors e.g. Education, Public sector, Finance –Organisation types e.g. Large, medium, small –Job categories e.g. Testing, Development, Analysis –Location location re-location? e.g. London, UK, Europe

7 7 Just the Job Toolkit Be prepared –Routine Work hours, A quiet place, PC, filing system –Plans Project plans, flowcharts, notes, lists –CV** –Cover note** –Certificates –Work/university references [ever seen a bad one?] –Work/project examples –Job Tracker** & Overview**

8 8 Just the Job CV tips –Key sales tool - selling You –Door opener - to interviews at agency & target organisation –Be bold - within reason - how I made a difference –Be general + specific highlights - quantify if possible –Bullet points & Active achievements - doing verbs –Mind the gaps –Accuracy & consistency count - so do lies..

9 9 Just the Job ** CV sample format ** Dare to be different? –2 pages? Rule of thumb? –Who is Curriculum Vitae? Your name at top - not CV. –Photo - not in UK? –Email, mobile, phone, address –Flash Banner You need me because.. ? –Key skills –Career first? Or Education & Qualifications? –Other details

10 10 Just the Job ** Cover note ** We can cover this in any of many ways.. –Which role Im interested in, & where I learnt about it –What Ive got to offer Im ideal because.. –Why & when Im available –What Im sending now –How Id like to proceed Options: [1] No note? [2] Standard CV+note for all jobs? [3] Std CV + individual note per job? [4] Indiv CV+note per job? [5] CV+note together in 1 document? Your choice?

11 11 Just the Job Tracking - or cracking?.. Who am I speaking to? **Job Tracker sample format ** e.g. vertical form –Organisation, contact, phone no. / same for Agency/other –Job title, key info –1st contact date, Rejection date / same for interviews 1 & 2 –Job offer date & notes ** Tracker Overview sample format ** e.g. horizontal spreadsheet –Status (e.g. ?, x) / Last contact date –Organisation, contact, phone / same for Agency/other –Job title –Via (e.g. networking, newspaper, Internet..)

12 12 Just the Job Newspapers IT magazines Libraries Internet job sites Target organisations Recruitment agencies Your Careers people Other job hunters Job Centre Professional bodies e.g. BCS Conferences & events eg BCS Contacts - Networking eg BCS Desperately seeking.. Like looking for a needle in a haystack But I only need one job..

13 13 Just the Job Agency interview - Lets meet.. Practice makes perfect –One step Forward - or 2 steps back? How did you do? –Rejected? - dont get too dejected.. –Learn learnings - take notes, use Job Tracker & Overview –Try and try again - remember the spider..

14 14 Just the Job The Big One (part one at least) Youve been short-listed for interview by the company –Read all about it - research the organisation –Interview questions/tests - what benefits can you bring? –Whats different about you?.. –Try to relax, stay calm –Where do you want to be in 5 years time?.. –Forward or Back? - how did you do?

15 15 Just the Job And then - SUCCESS.. Please be here at 9 a.m. on Monday morning. For this organisation - You are Just the Job!

16 16 Next... Lets get a view from the other side with Angela Patel

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