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Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army

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1 Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army
Introduction to the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) 9 February 2018

2 Legacy Systems Activities
MODS eMILPO RCMS-G ATMS TAPDB-R (VIA RCMS-R) TAPDB-R (VIA RDMS) TAPD-R (VIA AGRMIS) TAPDB-R (VIA RLAS) DEERS ATRRS DAPMIS SIDPERS eMILPO; SIDPERS; TAPDB-R (VIA JPAS) TAPDB-R ITAPDB ORACLE - AO = Active = Guard = Reserve ORACLE – AO (VIA TOPMIS II) = IPPS-A interfacing systems with depicted data update systems Note: IPPS-A foundation table sources systems not shown are TESS, DRRS-A, TAPDB-AE, and POSCEdit Legacy Systems Activities TAPDB-R (VIA AGRMIS) Presenter(s): COL McNulty

3 Learning Objective Action: Introduction to the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) Conditions: Human Resources professionals in a classroom environment working individually and as a member of a small group, using doctrinal and administrative publications, handouts, User Productivity Kit (UPK),. and awareness of Operational Environment (OE), variables and actors Standards: The students will meet the standards when they: 1. Review the IPPS-A application 2. Understand the culture shift 3. Discuss the Records Accuracy Campaign 4. Review the Soldier Record Brief (SRB) and Complete the SRB UPK 5. Review the Pre-defined Queries 9 February 2018

4 What is IPPS-A and what will it do for me? IPPS-A Introduction
9 February 2018

5 IPPS-A Time Line Timeline:
The Army will incrementally build and deploy IPPS-A in 5 Releases. Each release provides additional IPPS-A capabilities building on previous efforts. Release 1 is complete, we are now less than a year away from Release 2. Release 2 will subsume SIDPERs functionality. Release 3 will focus AC and USAR Personnel Systems and the Total Force. Release 4 will transition most pay service capabilities providing a fully integrated personnel and pay system for the Total Army. Release 5 will incorporate functions related to evaluations and retention management, along with automating some of the remaining additional manual activities…additional capabilities TBD. Anticipate more Increments and Releases as the systems’ capabilities are realized.

6 Completed Release One Wave One - ARNG (March 2014) Wave Two -
Active & ARNG (May 2014) Wave Three - Active, ARNG, & USAR (September 2014) Personal SRB Access SRB & 9 pre-defined Queries access for leaders and HR Professionals Completed 9 February 2018

7 Release 1 Does and Does Not
DOES PROVIDE A Soldier Record Brief One Record Brief for all Enlisted, Officers, and Warrant Officers across all three Components. Leaders with a multi-Component view of their unit Commanders, Leaders and HR professionals will be able to view Soldiers from all Components in one view SRB access to all Soldiers An automated access request process Privileged user validation Access for Persons of Interest (DOD civilians, contractors, etc.): Select pre-determined Persons of Interest* will have access to view the SRB and pre-defined queries in Wave 3 *A Person of Interest is a person about whom IPPS-A maintains information but who is not an IPPS-A employee, who has access to the system to perform various functions DOES NOT PROVIDE Immediate replacement of current ERB/ORB/2-1 or Army reports (AAA-162, etc.) Soldiers will use their ERB/ORBs for Army Boards Authoritative data The data contained in the SRB comes from the systems currently being used Transactional capability All transactions will still take place in the systems currently being used Ad-hoc query capability The only data available are those that are contained in the 9 Pre-Defined Queries Detailed medical Soldier readiness information

8 Change Champions 9 February 2018

9 Understand Culture Shift
Old Technology & Terminology New Technology & Terminology 9 February 2018

10 IN! OUT! Records Accuracy Campaign Bad Impacts on Promotions,
Selections, and Assignments Bad Records Maintenance Information Management and Personnel Accountability depend critically upon data accuracy and correctness. The SRB will reflect the records data in the legacy HR systems. Soldiers MUST review all portions of their personnel record to ensure their SRB reflects correct information.

11 The Sections of the Soldier Record Brief
Header Identifying information. Section III Security Clearance. Section IV Service data and rank. Section I Overseas assignments, number of tours and tour data. Includes dependent information. Section V Personal and family data. Section II Career paths, ASVAB scores, and Aviator Qualifications. Section VI Foreign Language information. Section VII Military Education. Section VIII Civilian Education and Certifications. The final SRB will include minor changes due to the system development and testing processes for IPPS-A. This version is only a template mock-up. Section IX Awards and decorations. Section IXa State Awards. Footer Additional information on Soldier’s Military Organization. Section X Soldier’s past and present Assignments. Section XI Additional Information. 9 February 2018

12 SRB UPK 9 February 2018

13 Nine Pre-Defined Queries
Personnel Management Assigned Duty Title Demographics Information Certification & Qualification Member Availability & Restriction Overseas & Deployment History Annual Records Review Service Data Promotion Information 9 February 2018

14 High Five Review 9 February 2018

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