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The Creative Learning Journey an introduction . . .

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1 The Creative Learning Journey an introduction . . .

2 ALL In One Resource

3 Confidence in your curriculum is critical for the success of your children, your staff and your whole school. That is why the CLJ is designed to help children learn essential knowledge and skills and develop an understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects. In addition, the CLJ focuses on developing the personal qualities children need to be good citizens. The skills-based creative curriculum meets all the requirements you need to cover the National Curriculum, Every Child Matters Programme, Excellence and Enjoyment, SEAL and allows you to share resources and activities with schools throughout the UK.

4 Other Resources available: 2/3/4 form; Infant; Junior; Mixed age; Small school; SEN

5 The thematic wheels module allows you to choose the skills you wish to cover from six areas of learning that are uniquely linked to the National Curriculum statements and automatically tracked for each teacher throughout the academic year. You have the freedom and flexibility to add the activities and resources that you are going to use. Access to hundreds of shared topic wheels created by CLJ schools throughout the UK provide a complete library of ideas, content and knowledge.

6 The planning module allows you to import each wheel that you have created directly into your daily, weekly, termly or annual plans. This gives the school a cohesive year overview plan.

7 The assessment module Allows you to track the progress of individuals, or whole classes against the skills and national curriculum levels. Easily monitored by adding comments and with a visual colour-coded traffic light system. You can easily generate a wide range of reports, ensuring pupil progress and academic attainment.

8 Winner of the Leading Aspect Award
The Creative Learning Journey makes it easy to manage all aspects of your curriculum, from creating cross-curricular topics, to short and medium term planning, to generating end of year reports for pupils. Winner of the Leading Aspect Award Highly recommended in many schools’ Ofsted reports Constantly reviewed and updated in line with latest educational guidelines and policies

9 What teachers say . . . ‘It’s the best thing we ever did’
‘We can focus on the development of skills and attitudes to learning in a much more interesting and stimulating way for both children and teachers’ Head teacher Val Jones, Charsfield Primary School, Suffolk. ‘It’s the best thing we ever did’ Head teacher Mrs A. Turnbull, Abbotts Ann C of E Primary School, Andover.

10 National Curriculum Preparing for the future – instant tracking of National Curriculum coverage.  Once again the future is bringing changes to the Primary curriculum and the Creative Learning Journey is already ahead of the game.  The latest innovation links the skills to the existing National Curriculum so that as the skills are ticked during the planning process coverage of the National Curriculum is automatically recorded. This means that planning, tracking and recording are all completed in one operation. Print out the NC coverage – be it the current one or any future one – and schools can be reassured about what has/has not been covered and have evidence to support their work. Schools can begin to design their own curriculum ensuring progression and avoiding repetition. The number of times each skill has been used is also recorded providing invaluable information to inform future action. CLJ and the future CLJ remains committed to supporting schools in delivering a creative curriculum. The current CLJ resources meet every aspect of the National Curriculum, we are constantly reviewing all aspects of the resource against the National Curriculum. We will ensure that the Creative Learning Journey can be used and will always be in line with any revised National Curriculum and/or current Government legislation.

11 2) Add your learning opportunities and activities
1) Tick the appropriate skills 3) Discrete Units

12 select coverage of essential skills for Learning & Life and overarching dimensions
All skills are automatically linked and tracked to the National Curriculum

13 What Ofsted say... ‘The curriculum is outstanding with very good links made between subjects. Exciting activities capitalise on pupils’ interests, making learning fun, relevant and meaningful.’ Bradwell County Primary School, Staffordshire – using the Creative Learning Journey. Ofsted report January 2009: Outstanding

14 Puts you back in charge of your curriculum, facilitating a skills-based approach.
Makes it easy to manage the whole teaching cycle, from initial planning to generating end of year reports. Automatically tracks both the skills taught and the National Curriculum coverage Provides certainty (and proof) that you have covered all National Curriculum statements. Is proven to raise standards.

15 Constantly reviewed and updated to ensure it is in line with latest educational policy and thinking.
Allows easy planning for mixed age/ability classes. Gives you access to the teaching plans of thousands of other teachers, saving you planning time. A complete planned, yet flexible curriculum. A creative and consistent approach to teaching all subjects from early years to year 6. Now being extended to include year 7.

16 Special Educational Needs Resources
Through the continued success of The Creative Learning Journey we have been aware of the need to encompass groups of children and schools that require some special attention and a different level of skill sets to help with their specific educational requirements. The SEN curriculum takes the P scales 1 to 8 and breaks them down into 5 levels within each of the 6 areas of learning and then into skill sets. The SEN curriculum gives you all the skills from P levels to year 6, EYFS stage into key stage 1 and key stage 2. This allows for the continuation of inclusion and personalised programmes of learning for every child, giving the chance for equality of opportunity for all pupils. A curriculum to meet the needs of every child. The SEN school resource consists of : ON LINE wheels personal development programme ON LINE Planning On LINE Pupil skills personal assessment programme  The SEN resource gives you a complete inclusion development programme with all the skills to allow you to be creative, integrating all pupils with special needs into a mainstream creative curriculum, helping them to achieve their full potential.

17 Anna Upton Head Teacher Chaucer Junior School
Training The CLJ team appreciates setting up and using any new curriculum can be very time consuming, therefore we offer a complete in-service training, tailored to your school’s requirements and needs. CLJ has a strong reputation for delivering high quality training and consultancy. The schools we work with know that they will receive a bespoke service delivered by high quality people who care. CLJ will take the time to find out exactly what you want and how you want it delivered. This means you can be assured that you have the opportunity to make the curriculum your own. Whether you are a small mixed age range school or a 3 form entry, the CLJ training team can visit your school and help you to plan and implement the CLJ in the most appropriate way to meet your individual needs. Many schools feel that a bespoke training day in their school, with their staff needs and wants being addressed, is invaluable. The CLJ team contact you direct to plan your in service training day – all tailored to suit your school. Training days tend to get booked very quickly. For further information, including cost and how to arrange a training day, please contact CLJ direct. Please remember you do need to have ordered the CLJ resources BEFORE booking your training day. ‘Many thanks for an inspiring and informative training session.  We look forward to developing a pupil led curriculum which will enthuse all our children to learn and promote cross curricular links’ Thanks Anna Upton Head Teacher Chaucer Junior School "Dot’s enthusiasm and motivation for CLJ was contagious and her experience as a Head teacher invaluable as she was able to share her expertise with us."

18 We can arrange a presentation in your school with the materials and a live demonstration of the CLJ National Curriculum tracking system, or a telephone video conference with an live on-line demonstration. Visit us at

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