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Using Heat Chapter 16.3.

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1 Using Heat Chapter 16.3

2 Heat Engines External Combustion Engines - fuel is burned outside the engine. (pg. 486) Newcome Steam Engine Video Watt Steam Engine

3 Internal Combustion Engine - fuel is burned in cylinders within the engine. (pg. 487)

4 Heating Systems Hot Water/ Steam Heating - hot water or steam is circulated through pipes to radiators. (pg. 489)

5 Forced-Air Heating - air is heated by a combustion chamber or electric element and a fan is used to circulate heated air through duct work. (pg. 490)

6 Cooling Systems Heat Pump - a device that reverses the normal flow of thermal energy. - Circulate a refrigerant through copper tubing. - The refrigerant is compressed and cooled to form a liquid. When liquid vaporizes thermal energy is absorbed. Examples: refrigerators air conditioners

7 Air Conditioners (pg. 492)

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