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Green Datacenters solution March 17, 2009 By: Sanjay Sharma.

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1 Green Datacenters solution March 17, 2009 By: Sanjay Sharma

2 2 2 Energy Facts Of all the potential electricity available in an energy source, only 30 percent reaches consumers An estimated 170 billion kilowatts are wasted by consumers each year due to insufficient power usage information US Datacenters and servers consumed about 670 billion kWh in 2008 with an estimated total electricity cost of $ 5.0 Billion DATA CENTER 100%30% 16% Generation & Distribution Cooling Power Supplies, UPS ServersSilicon Mission Critical Apps 1%.003%

3 3 3 Where Does Power Go? IT Equipment = 30% Energy Equipments = 25% Cooling = 45% Total number of servers installed increased by factor 100 in one decade Number of server/processors per rack increased by factor 10 in ten years Power and thermal waste per server increased by factor 5 in ten years Source: APC View

4 4 4 I.T damage to the environment Billions of KW/hrs Millions of Tons of CO 2 I.T Does as much damage to environment as Airline Industry 2% of CO 2 Emitted comes from I.T Industry For every 1 spent powering systems 0.5 to 1 spent on cooling I.T is the focus of GREEN lobby! Source: EPA Report

5 5 5 Green Buildings IBM Example Enhancing existing buildings to be more energy efficient typically reduces total energy consumption by 20-50%... …while new green buildings have the potential to reduce energy consumption by 80% or more. Benefits Average achievable energy savings greater than 40%; Average payback of <2 years in Data Center Energy Efficiency assessments; Asset utilization rates increasing 2x-4x; Deferral of massive capital investments in new datacenter builds $1 energy savings drives another $6-8 operational savings on average Source: IBM Client Survey

6 6 6 Case Study Energy Management Solutions for Bhartis Telecom Towers

7 7 7 Conventional solutions & associated problems Unhealthy Grid High DG running costs Higher capacity DGs Operational problems Low efficiency in Power utilization (85%) –Leading to Heat losses Slow Voltage regulation time leading to –SMPS Failure –High maintenance Large foot print Excessive cabling Frequent breakdowns with no monitoring of passive infrastructure elements Shelter High solar gain Non modular Rusting problem Air Conditioning Oversized ACs Very High Inrush Current No Free Cooling Problems with Conventional systems 15/25 KVA DG IT, Servo, AMF, Alarm box ACDB etc GI:GI Shelter 1.5x2 2.0x2 Tr ACs Conventional systems

8 8 8 Addressing Challenges ChallengesContributor/ReasonsInnovative s Solutions Site Operation Cost Various AC/DC Conversion Cost Backup Cost Environment Conditioning Cost D.G. running cost due to unhealthy grid Over-design Infrastructure for Peak Load (like 15KVA DG for 3KW load) Less/low AC/DC Conversion Low backup cost Low Air-Conditioning Cost Wide range PIU to maximize low cost grid usage Low back up power cost with DC power house of 5kw Site DowntimeMain Reasons Battery Generator Air-Conditioner NextGen thin Plate Technology Aviation grade very high MTBF DC Generator Compressor less N + 2 redundancy Project, Operation and Maintenance Cost Installation Time Expandability IT Interface for critical and operational need monitoring Installation time (24-48 hours) Expandability modular Energy metering for each operator and their individual load Detailed NMS

9 9 9 Use of technology for reducing energy costs Air Conditioning –Next Generation Cooling solutions (for Indoor BTS) –Battery Cooler (for Outdoor BTS) Battery back-up power –High efficiency and cycle life batteries –Float Mode operation for extended life DG based power –Cost of DG running to be reduced –Move site to DC Power architecture which creates future proof site –Explore Alternative technologies like wind/ solar or fuel cells Energy losses in SMPS & PIU –New products offering high efficiency –Wide operating range to reduce DG running Integrated NMS –Integrate Tower Management (Through SMS and GPS) with overall NOC

10 10 Conventional Telecom Approach Mains AC 1.4 kW SMPS 250 W 10% BTS 1.5 kW DG PIU 250 W 3% 3.4 kW Battery 300 AH 50 W Leakage 3.15 kW Note: Per hour energy usage / energy losses Every IT Companies were focusing at this point IT and Datacenters are in similar position like telecom was few years back

11 11 Our Green Solution for Telecom Mains AC 0.45 kW SMPS 250 W 10% Battery 15 W Leakage BTS 1.5 kW DC Power House PIU 150 W 3% 2.4 kW Note: Per hour energy usage / energy losses 1243 PCM Technology

12 12 Current IT Datacenter set up Transformer Switch Yard Regulator AMF Panel Distribution Panel AC Air Lighting Misc. Load Synchronization Panel Generator 1 Generator 2 Generator 3 Distribution 1 Distribution 2 Precision AC1 Precision AC2 UPS UPS 2 UPS 1 UPS Loss 3% Loss 5% 1 MWLoss 0.5% Loss 10% 15% (no Load) 915 kW 366 kW n+2 Redundancy Mains 366 kW Cooling for Server

13 13 ACMEs Green Datacenter Solution Line Conditioner + Isolation Transfer + Lightning Protection Mains Mains Synchronized Micro turbine (500 kW) in n+2 configuration Mains Distribution Electronic Distribution N+1 Servers & Electronics Mirror Server & Electronics 970 kW (rarely used) 970 kW 350 kW N + 1 Fuel Tank 1Fuel Tank 2 Multi Fuel VAM Electrical Chiller (Redundancy) 470 kW (used in emergency) Precision AC Distribution N+1 Precision AC Redundant Precision AC 75 kW Lighting 1 MW 75 kW Normal Cooling N + 1 Hot air

14 14 Macro level Savings On site power generation 24x 7 No separate expenditure on Air Conditioners Elimination of various AC-DC conversion losses Energy generation at low cost in cogeneration mode Carbon credit benefit No operation and maintenance expenditure of DG

15 15 Making green solution profitable ACME can built clean energy infrastructure for new IT Datacenter set up and reduce – 20% Capex (approx.) –15% Opex –30% Carbon Emission ACME can take up existing infrastructure and reduce –10% Opex –20% Carbon emission

16 16 Thank You !! Partnership Contact: Email: Mobile:+919810159777

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