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Careers In The Construction Industry 6 th March 2014.

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1 Careers In The Construction Industry 6 th March 2014

2 Aims of the Day? To raise awareness of the many different careers in the construction industry To identify pathways

3 Strategic Account Management team Specialist And Heritage Team National Construction Colleges Research Team Head office Legal, Marketing & Communications, Finance, IS Levy Grant Skills Strategy Product Development Contracts & Standards Regional Teams Company Development Advisers Apprenticeship Officers Careers Advisers The citb

4 CITB WORKING WITH INDUSTRY…. Promoting Diversity – Through various projects: such as Women into Work Programme Recruitment of Apprenticeships - keeping the pipeline of talent flowing Employer Engagement - recognising and responding to skills needs Education and Training - working with providers to deliver right skills, right place, right time Qualifications – working with industry to develop and update qualifications Levy & Grants – collecting a levy from appropriate employers and providing grants for training to industry.

5 Bconstructive You may have already decided that construction is for you and that you'd like to apply for an apprenticeship. Once you've applied you'll be assessed and given the opportunity to talk to CITB staff about different parts of the industry to see what's suitable for you. Why not prepare for your assessment by downloading a practice test bookletpractice test booklet NEAR ME…………….

6 Industry Facts & Figures The Industry employs over 2 million people 1 in 14 of the Countrys workforce 20% of our workforce is over 55 Expected GROWTH

7 CIAG Report Research we undertook recently makes for depressing reading: 35% of careers advisers believe that construction is an unattractive career opportunity 44% of teachers admit to having offered ill- informed careers advice to students 60% of careers advisers in schools offer no information on jobs prospects based on available work

8 What is your perception of the construction industry? Is it……………….

9 Its all mud and boots?


11 WRONG! The construction industry is: Professional Vibrant Interesting Creative………… It gives opportunities many other careers and industries do not offer! Progression Travel Variety Flexibility Careers Job Satisfaction!

12 What do we do?


14 Civil Engineering Projects


16 Refurbishment & Repair Makes up nearly 50% of industry output

17 Improving peoples lives and environment…… Infrastructure Shops Factories Hotels Airports Power Stations Water services Schools Hospitals Houses Stadiums Roads Bridges Tunnels

18 Working in the Industry…………

19 Launch their new apprenticeship programme with a commitment to recruit 40 apprentices in 2014. Robert Houghton Group Training & Development Manager

20 Construction Requires Timekeeping Attendance Commitment Flexibility Ability to work as part of a team

21 The industry operates a ZERO tolerance policy in regards to Drugs & Alcohol which includes random testing

22 Training & Apprenticeships Qualifications Full Framework Apprenticeships Shared Apprenticeship Scheme - Evolve NVQ only – OSAT, Experienced Workers Diploma – FE Colleges Specialist Apprenticeships Industry Training - NCC

23 National Construction College & TUCA Chris Barrett & Melvyn Parr

24 TUCA TOUR – Group 1 CITB Support – Group 2 Bconstructive SLE Assessment Shared Apprenticeship Scheme Construction Ambassadors Scheme Newsletter – Monthly updates for careers advisors


26 Roundtable Discussions

27 Q & A

28 Thank you

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