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When goods arrive at the Port, a transit declaration is issued by the Customs authorities, and existing seals are inspected for integrity; additional.

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5 When goods arrive at the Port, a transit declaration is issued by the Customs authorities, and existing seals are inspected for integrity; additional security seal is attached, if necessary by Customs authorities; and Once the good arrive the border crossing, the seal and transit document is checked and cleared Once, it is cleared the vehicle carrying the goods in transit proceeds toward its next destination.

6 Trade Facilitation The Main Objective Economy Integration and Promotion

7 In order to enhance efficiency of transportation, reduce transaction cost and address the special needs of our neighbors who do not have exit to the sea Transit system is necessary and further improvement is still needed Trade Facilitation

8 Thai economy could not be growing alone. We together with our neighbors as a region need to be growing together in order to have sustainable economy. Therefore, Transit system is necessary Economy Integration and Promotion Economy Integration and Promotion


10 Thailand and Lao PDR road transport agreement (signed in 1999) together with subsidiary agreement specifying road transport arrangements (signed in 2001) Popularly used Most of the goods pass through Mukdaharn border crossing point to Lao PDR through the designated route 1 million baht guarantee per one transport operator



13 MOU on the movement in transit of perishable goods by Road from Thailand through Malaysia to Singapore MOU was signed in 1979 Only for perishable goods (fresh, chilled or frozen fish,crustracean,molluscs,fruits, vegetable and chilled or frozen meat) Using Malaysian transport operator Limit to 30,000 metric tons per year

14 ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of goods in Transit Framework Agreement has been signed since December 1998 There are 9 protocols that have to be signed

15 Protocol 1 Designation of Transit Transport Routes and Facilities Protocol 2 Designation of Frontier Posts Protocol 3 Types and Quantity of Road Vehicles Protocol 4 Technical Requirements of Vehicles Protocol 5 ASEAN Scheme of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Third-Party Liability Insurance

16 Protocol 6 Railways Border and Interchange Stations Protocol 7 Customs Transit System Protocol 8 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Protocol 9 Dangerous Goods

17 Present situation Protocol 1,3,4,5,8 and 9 have already been signed Protocol 2,6 and 7 are not yet signed Therefore, Transit within ASEAN is still not yet entered into force


19 Initiated in 1992 Fundamental coordinated by ADB 6 Contracting parties : Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam Joint development of 7 economic branches i.g., transport, energy, trade and investment etc.

20 Mukdaharn-Savanakhet Aranyaprathet-Poipet Maesai-Tachilek Maesot-Myawaddy 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Transport Energy Tourism Telecommunication Human Resource Development Environment and natural Resource Development Trade and Investment GMS Cross Border Transport Agreement + Attachment Annexes&Protocols MOU for IICBTA (bilateral) + PilotProject

21 Within CBTA, there are 17 annexes and 3 protocols ADB supports in drafting the Agreement, its annexes and protocols The main purpose of this Agreement is to facilitate transit transport through establishment of Single Window and Single Stop Inspection at the border where customs, immigration and quarantine are performed jointly and simultaneously

22 Export/Transit Cargo As required Export/Transit Cargo PhysicalInspectionPhysicalInspection C-L, C-T Q-L, Q-T PhysicalInspectionPhysicalInspection C-T, C-L Q-T, Q-L I-L+TQ-L+TC-L+T C-L+TQ-L+TI-L+T Lao PDR Thailand

23 Release And Clearance Others Fishery Food & Drug Agriculture Trader Integrated electronic single point of entry Internet Licensing Single Window Facilities Licensing Agency Window Customs Window Port Window Customs Enforcement Customs Clearance

24 Annex 1 Carriage of Dangerous Goods Annex 2 Registration of Vehicles in International Traffic Annex 3 Carriage of Perishable Goods Annex 4 Facilitation of Frontier Crossing Formalities Annex 5 Cross-Border Movement of People Annex 6 Transit and Inland Clearance Customs Regime Annex 7 Road Traffic Regulation and Signage

25 Annex 8 Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles Annex 9 Criteria for Licensing of Transport Operators Annex 10 Conditions of Transport Annex 11 Road and Bridge Design and Construction Standards and Specification Annex 12 Border Crossing and Transit Facilities and Services Annex 13a Multimodal Transport Liability Regime for Cross-Border Transport Operations Annex 13b Criteria for Licensing of Mulitimodal Transport Operators for Cross-Border Transport Operations

26 Annex 14 Container Customs Regime Annex 15 Commodity Classification System Annex 16 Criteria for Driving Licenses Procotol 1 Designation of corridors, Routes, and Points of Entry And Exit (Border Crossings) Protocol 2 Charges Concerning Transit Traffic Protocol 3 Frequency and Capacity of Services and Issuance of Quotas and Permits

27 Present situation Annex1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13a,13b,15, 16 and protocol 1, 2 have already been signed There are still 3 annexes and 1 protocol left to be signed MOU between Thailand and Lao PDR, and Thailand and Cambodia have already been signed ( IICBTA)

28 Mukdaharn-Savanakhet Aranyaprathet-Poipet MOUs are already signed but not yet rectified Expected to implement in 2008 Thailand and Lao PDR Thailand and Cambodia

29 Electronic seal and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system will be implemented in order to facilitate international trade supply chain and enhance security control


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