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Framework for the Future Curriculum Council Report May 18, 2010.

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1 Framework for the Future Curriculum Council Report May 18, 2010

2 Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Common Core Standards Standards Aligned System (SAS) Keystone Exams Voluntary Model Curriculum Diagnostic Tool

3 Presidents Proposed Blueprint All students graduate from high school prepared for college and a career 2014 NCLB deadline may go away Will still test yearly Encourages states to adopt common core standards Title I: College and career ready students Title II: Great teachers and great leaders

4 Permit states to increase subjects tested Ask schools to report on broader range of factors, such as school climateprovide greater voice for teachers No longer mandated to provide SES or school choice States will be directed to develop a definition of effective teaching that relies on student outcomes and system to link student performance to teachers and school leaders.

5 National Governors Association Center for Best Practice Council of Chief State School Officers College and Career Readiness standards released in the fall March 10 released completed standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics March 10 th release includes College and Career Standards and specifies competencies students must have in each grade level.

6 English and Language Arts 62 pages Lay out a vision of what it means to be a literate person in the 21 st century 300 pages of appendices offer: examples of student work examples of texts that illustrate complexity, quality and range appropriate to each grade level Explains the research behind the standards

7 Mathematics 71 pages Try to avoid mile-wide, inch deep by: Carving out key ideas Emphasize conceptual understanding Place premium on students being able to explain math problems and not just compute 60 page appendix is to serve as a guide to designing high school courses

8 Student Achievement Clear Standards Fair Assessments Curriculum Framework Instruction Materials and Resources Interventions

9 Classes of 2015 & 2016 must pass four Keystones to graduate Class of 2017 and on must pass six Keystones There will be a total of ten exams Algebra, Biology, Literature, English Composition, Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra II, American History, Civics and Government, World History Keystone graduation examinations or local assessment option

10 PDE targeting 2012-2013 for 11 th grade PSSA elimination – need approval AYP will be based on Keystone Exams Algebra I Literature (Biology required testing but not part of AYP) PDE still needs to determine the grade level to assess for AYP since many student will bank exams

11 Part of SAS VMC provides: Unit plans Lesson plans (3 for a unit?) Learning progressions Curriculum resources aligned to standards, anchors and curriculum framework DRC is looking for feedback Not complete at this time

12 Online tests designed to provide diagnostic information in order to guide instruction and remediation 6-12 grade assessment (field test 3-12) Math field test April 26-May 14, 2010 Schedule: Mathematics – Fall 2010 Literature – Winter 2010 Science – Winter 2010 Composition – Fall 2011 Social Studies - TBD

13 Chinese Guest Teacher Assessment Committee Continual monitoring of Middle School Algebra Dual Enrollment Program UCFSD Cyber Program Middle School Honors Task Force Summer Program Singapore Math Parent Nights


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