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@ All twitter usernames (sometimes called a handle) are preceded by this symbol, called the at symbol

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1 @ All twitter usernames (sometimes called a handle) are preceded by this symbol, called the at symbol i.e. @ryanhogarth.

2 Tweet A posting on Twitter. All tweets can only be a maximum of 140 characters and can include a photo or a link

3 # (hashtag) A symbol used in tweets to mark keywords or topics. By putting a hashtag before a word (i.e. #OscarPistorius) makes it easy to search that item. Twitter will automatically search any hashtagged word when it is clicked. This will bring up all tweets that have used the hashtag.

4 #FF A tradition on Twitter is something called Follow Friday. If you follow someone on Twitter and you think others should follow them, then on a Friday send a tweet like this: #FF followed by the username (i.e. #FF @ryanhogarth). Iinclude a short reason they would be good to follow.

5 Direct Message (DM) or Message A private message that you send to one of your followers. You can only send a DM to someone who follows you.

6 Favourite If you see a tweet you like or would like to refer to it later you can favourite it. This tweet will appear with a star in your timeline. You can go to your list of favourites to view tweets youve favourited.

7 Follower When youre interested in what someone has to say and want to receive their tweets click follow. Youre now a follower.

8 Lists Twitter users can organise users into lists. When you view a particular list youll see only tweets from users youve put in that list.

9 Mention When someone mentions you in a tweet. i.e. @ryanhogarth is attending our conference.

10 RT (retweet) If you come across a tweet you like or want to share you can retweet it. A retweet is simply sending out to your followers a tweet youve seen from someone else.

11 Timeline The chronological list of tweets from those you follow

12 Common Abbreviations OMG: Oh, My God SMH: Shake my head AFAIK: As far as I know DM: Direct Message FFS: For f*&^ sake IMO: In my opinion IRL: In real life OH: Overheard RT: Retweet YW: Youre welcome

13 Facebook Page is a profile for a business, an artist, a band etc.; any profile that is not the PERSONAL profile of a person. A page has to be created by someone that has a personal profile. You are friends with a person, you LIKE a page.

14 Like For just about anything posted on Facebook there is an option to click Like. If something interested you, made you laugh or you just want someone to know you saw what they said you can click Like.

15 Friend A friend on Facebook is a person that you have allowed to have access to your Facebook information (although their amount of access can be restricted). On a business page your friends would show as the LIKES.

16 Wall (now called timeline) Every profile (personal or business) has a timeline (wall). This is a public area where either you or others can say something. Think of it as the front wall of your house that youve allowed your friends to write on. Wall posts are generally visible to all your friends.

17 Post Anything put onto a Facebook timeline: A statement, comment, link to a website or video, etc. As in I posted a video to your timeline.

18 Message Sending a message is pretty much like email which goes through the Facebook system. The Facebook system keeps all messages in a conversation thread so you are able to see all messages that have gone to and fro between you and the recipient at a glance. There is no message system for a Facebook page, only personal profiles.

19 News Feed When logged into Facebook your home page contains status updates and posts made by friends and pages you have liked. Its the running commentary on the lives of your friends and likes.

20 Status Update This is where you post to Facebook. When you have something to say click on the box that says Whats on your mind? and type away.

21 Comment A comment is a response that is often provided as an answer or reaction to a blog post or status update on a social network. Comments are a primary form of two-way communication.

22 BLOG Blog is a word that was created from two words: web log. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual or a business with regular posts of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

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