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Migrate Your Dynamics 365 On Premises to the Cloud

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1 Migrate Your Dynamics 365 On Premises to the Cloud
CRM UG BeLux Webinar, December, 14th 2017 Stephane Dorrekens, Business Elements

2 Credits Based on the following content : “Planning your Dynamics 365 Onprem to Cloud Migration” by Nick Doelman “Migrating from the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook to the Dynamics App for Outlook” by Josh Wells “Migration of CRM Onpremise Organization to Dynamics 365 Online using LCS” by Aditya Varma ”Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement”, MPN Network

3 Migrate Your Dynamics 365 On Premises to the Cloud
Overview Why? 12 Steps to move from Onpremise to Online Microsoft Lifecycle Services Lessons Learned & Tips Q & A

4 Why move to the cloud? Why Dynamics 365 Online?
No infrastructure More features Smaller, lower impact upgrades Security Microsoft focus It’s a “when” not an “if”

5 12 Steps to Migrate to Dynamics 365 Online
Take Inventory Review and Plan Provision Dynamics 365 Online Create Upgrade Step Environments Backup Custom Code Deploy and Upgrade Configuration Clean Up Configuration Fix Custom Code Fix Reports Integrations ISVs & Addins Migrate Data

6 Step 1 - Take Inventory Users ISVs Database size Customizations
Solutions Licenses Custom Code Reports Integrations Templates Acceptable Downtime Business Readiness

7 Historical Data – Keep or remove?  Unmanaged versions of managed
Step 2 – Review & Planning Historical Data – Keep or remove?  Unmanaged versions of managed solutions? ISVs -> what is their upgrade path? Is now a good time? Start Fresh? Data size and users -> subscription requirements? What custom code can be replaced with something newer? What reports can be replaced? Is source code available for plug- ins?

8 Step 3 – Provision Dynamics 365
Setup new “target” system Setup Users -> including historical users Allocate space Setup Sandbox environments Point in Time Backups on Azure

9 Step 3 – Provision Dynamics 365 – Add Legacy Users
Create List of Legacy Users Import Users to Dynamics 365 Activity/Transactional Data can be mapped to these users

10 Step 4 – Create Upgrade Step Environments
Azure VM, VMWare, or dedicated servers Next version to latest version that will allow solution import For solution upgrading (Entities, Fields, Forms, Views)

11 Step 5 – Backup Custom Code
Backup all JavaScript code to files Will need to manually update (or replace) code XrmToolBox or XrmToolKit to extract JavaScript

12 Step 5 – Backup Custom Code
Backup to Disk

13 Step 5 – Backup Custom Code
Comment out old code for upgrade process Leave function names

14 Step 6 – Deploy and Upgrade Configuration
Import into step environments as required CRM 4.0 can be imported/upgraded to CRM 2011 CRM 2011 can be imported/upgraded to CRM 2013 Export from CRM 2013 directly to Dynamics 365

15 Step 6 – Managed Solutions?

16 Step 6 – Managed Solutions?
Not an ISV, have managed but no unmanaged or even managed zip file This will be a hack. This is unsupported. Not for ISV Run process on a “destroyable” database (e.g. not on a production db) Remove all other solutions if possible Remove plug-ins and SDK steps Run SQL script, will have “unmanaged” solution that is exportable. 4/converting-managed-solutions-to-unmanaged-solutions-crm-2013

17 Step 7 – Clean Up Configuration

18 Step 8 – Fix Custom Code Great opportunity to clean up code
Consider replacing legacy code with Business Rules, Configuration, Workflows, Actions, etc. Review Important changes coming in future releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Convert JavaScript code to latest methods Recompile plug-ins with latest SDK Replace SOAP calls with Web API (if possible)

19 Step 8 – Fix Custom Code Overview of Changes:
Custom Code Validation Tool: JavaScript Conversion Tools:

20 Step 9 – Fix Reports Dynamics 365 requires reports to be in FetchXML
Consider Charts, Dashboards Convert T-SQL to FetchXML TIP: CRM 2011 or higher, start now! (FetchXML is supported onpremise as well!) PowerBI is the new SSRS Still possible to sync a database copy

21 Step 10 – Fix Integrations
Consider timing Most industry standard tools will link to Dynamics 365 with little issues Cannot write directly to database (you weren’t doing that anyway? Right?)

22 Some Hybrid Integration Patterns
On Premises To Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Via WebApi (Latency, #Connections Limits) Via Azure Service Bus or Event Hub (Allows outbound/inbound bandwidth mismatch)* Via an On Premises Queuing/Bus (Allows outbound/inbound bandwidth mismatch & SPOC)* Via Azure SQL (Allows Outbound Direct Database sync)* Via Virtual Entity (Needs Odata Endpoint) Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to On Premises Via WebApi (Data Pull from On Prem/Cloud applications) Via Azure Service Bus (Data Push from Dx365 CE Workflow or Plugin) Via Data Export Service (Data Push to Azure SQL) * All those patterns ultimately uses the WebAPI for injection, the change is in the intermediary steps

23 Step 11 – Update ISVs Most involve installing latest solutions on Dynamics 365 Do you still need that ISV? (Features in Dynamics 365) Consider data migration Are there new feature gaps? (e.g. Portals)

24 Outlook Client Deprecation
Dynamics CRM 2013 Dynamics CRM 2015 Dynamics CRM 2016 Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0 Major release (10.0) Outlook add-in supported, no new functionality is added Outlook add-in supported, no new functionality is added Outlook add-in removed Deprecation announcement on June 2017 Deprecate the add-in starting version 9.0 Removal of the add-in with version 10.0

25 Terminology Outlook client Outlook Add-in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
Dynamics 365 for Outlook Outlook plug-in COM add-in

26 Feature Comparison Dynamics 365 Dynamics Dynamics 365 Dynamics Feature
App for Outlook Yes 365 for Outlook Yes Feature Works with Outlook for the Mac Works with phones Open and create Microsoft Dynamics 365 record directly Apply custom forms and business logic Work offline Apply templates Apply sales literature Apply knowledge articles Ability to monitor s after sending Sort, filter, format, group, and categorize views Create Word mail-merge documents App for Outlook Yes Yes 365 for Outlook No No Track and set regarding for Track and set regarding for appointments Track and set regarding for contacts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Track and set regarding for tasks No Yes No No One click set regarding Shows recipients' summary Shows the regarding record summary in the /appointment Works with Outlook on the web Yes Works with Outlook desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No Yes More Info see TechNet: Deploy Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

27 Challenges Feature Description Challenge Replies not automatically
Replies to previously tracked On the roadmap tracked s are not automatically tracked. Tracking icon is not present With the Outlook client, the EWS does not allow the on tracked activities icon would change from the ability to define the standard icon to the tracked IconIndex which is used to icon. This functionality is not define the icon. available with the App Delegate tracking A user has access to another On the roadmap user’s mailbox and wants to track activities on behalf of the delegated user.

28 Challenges Feature Description Challenge Not able to track meetings
Currently only organizers of a meeting can track the appointment There are design discussions about handling record ownership between Exchange/Dynamics 365 items. Tracking all types Only IPM.Note message This is being tracked and classes where users are in being discussed by the the To or CC fields are product team supported for tracking Tracking signed s Similar to the challenge above where users are unable to track signed s This is a limitation from Office addins and feedback has been received for and against

29 Outlook add-in deprecation
Version 9.0 contains the add-in No immediate action necessary, at this point Doesn't have to be all or none

30 Suggested transition plan
Use SSS/Outlook client Add App for Outlook for users. Request early adopters Business usage is verified, switch usage to the App Uninstall the add-in for all users.

31 During the transition time
Some configurations are not recommended for an extended length: It is not recommended to use the add-in and the App at the same time for tracking purposes It is not recommended to switch back and forth from Outlook sync to server-side sync It is not recommended to have some users sync with Outlook sync and some users at the same org sync with server-side sync. It is not supported to have two different sync methods (Outlook vs SSS) for the same user at the same time ( /ACT)

32 Step 12 – Migrate Data Microsoft FastTrack/Lifecycle Services
KingswaySoft, Scribe, Other Cobalt Migration Dynamics Clean up old data Maybe Fresh Start? Potential for biggest spend of time Consider downtime or gaps, deltas, etc

33 Step 12 – Migrate Data - KingswaySoft

34 Planning your Dynamics 365 Onprem to Cloud Migration
Microsoft Lifecycle Services

35 Microsoft Lifecycle Services
Tool will solve Direct CRM Ingestion up to CRM 2015 Database migration up to SQL 2012 Migrate Manage Solutions Audit log Migration Help with user & personal settings migration Checks for security issues/vulnerabilities in the Database & extentions

36 Microsoft Lifecycle Services
Tool will NOT solve CRM Upgrade issues Upgrade is a multi step process Selective data migration is not possible (unless done beforehand) Fix detected security or upgrade issues ISV Integration / reconfiguration

37 Microsoft Lifecycle Services
Intake : using existing FastTrack intake process to take the nomination Nominator : Account team or Partner Current Target : 250 Users+ Managed Process with FastTrack PM Prerequisites : Dynamics 365 tenant & Organization Azure Subscription (VMs) User Licenses & Records Solutions, Codes, etc.. Ready

38 Lessons Learned & Tips and Tricks
A LOT of legacy code can be replaced with portable business logic Data migration & integration takes a lot of time Managed Solution Issues Data clean up Historical Users

39 Planning your Dynamics 365 Onprem to Cloud Migration

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