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Getting to Know Your Campus The COA Web Page Resources to help you be successful.

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1 Getting to Know Your Campus The COA Web Page Resources to help you be successful

2 The COA home page is easy to navigate with important links accessed under I Want To: Major heading links such as Students, Academics, and Community Campus Life provide links to the services, resources, and activities needed by students See following examples


4 The Students link provides access to services and information students need

5 The Academics link provides services and information relative to learning, advising, course schedules, and programs of study

6 The Community & Campus link provides students with information on campus activities, athletics, and other events

7 A lot more people, events, and things are only a click on a link away….

8 Links to the most used resources - Campus Cruiser and Moodle, plus links to the Calendar, Faculty/Staff Directory, A to Z Index, and the SEARCH function

9 If you cant find what you are looking for go to the Search feature or the A-Z index The A-Z index lists every page available on the COA web site.

10 Campus Cruiser @ Campus Cruiser provides students a portal to campus information and e-mail, plus through MyWebAdvisor access to registration, payment, financial aid status, and their records. In MyWebAdvisor students can do business with the college at home on their pc!

11 Logging in is simple, just follow the instructions. If you forget your user name or password just go to Login Help. You must have your COA Student ID to reset your password.

12 What Can You Do In MyWebAdvisor? Find your advisor Purchase your books See or print your schedule, transcript, GPA, and grades Check your progress toward completing your program of study Register for your courses each semester Drop a course Check your financial aid Pay for your classes by credit card or by a payment plan See or print your bill Learn how to use MyWebAdvisor

13 Campus Cruiser E-Mail Campus Cruiser e-mail is easy to use and required to use when e-mailing your instructor. The college uses Campus Cruiser to e-mail students about admissions, financial aid, billing, student services, college events, and emergencies. Access Campus Cruiser e-mail and other services via the ICONS below! Support and help using Campus Cruiser

14 Campus Cruiser COA Emergency Phone Notification System This service provides student emergency notification via their cell phone by voice and text.

15 The COA Web Page Theres more at the bottom of the home page! We hope this brief presentation will assist you in using the COA web page. Please feel free to look around the page and get to know campus services and opportunities!

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