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1 Welcome @NWReadingCCG #calltoaction @SReadingCCG

2 Introductions Christopher Mott, South Reading CCG, Lay member, Patient & Public Engagement Wendy Bower, N & W Reading CCG, Lay member, Patient & Public Engagement Dr Elizabeth Johnston, Chair South Reading CCG Dr Rod Smith, Chair N & W Reading CCG

3 Housekeeping Please switch mobile phones to silent No fire alarms expected Please let the photographer know if you do not want your photo to be taken There is no break scheduled this evening, but please do help yourself to refreshments or leave the room if you need to

4 Update In November, you gave us excellent feedback about how you want local health services to be shaped We have listened to your ideas and views, and used these to help develop our two and five-year plans We will share those plans with you today

5 Agenda 1.Summary of the challenges 2. You Said- We listened 3. How can we adapt to meet those challenges - 2 year plans - 5 year strategy 4. Panel Question Time

6 We recognise there are challenges 30% of people born outside of UK 14% of emergency admissions are due to respiratory conditions 21% of adults drink above recommended limits 30% of people in Reading live with Long Term Conditions such as heart, respiratory disease and osteoporosis Rising cost finite resources Ethnically diverse population Increased deaths due to alcoholic liver disease Higher than average This number will rise

7 You said-We Listened Hospital at Home Better management for long-term conditions Working with GPs Need to tackle wasteful prescribing More joined up services to avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital Monitoring patients at home

8 Improve support for unpaid carers Increased training and support for Care Homes Improved care for sufferers of osteoporosis Care planning Combining health and social care expertise Enable people with diabetes to own their conditions Our Two Year Plan More specialist heart nurses in the community

9 We recognise there are challenges North and West Reading Above average number of People aged between 30- 54 Higher levels of Obesity in Adults and Children Higher than average prevalence of depression Improve support to people near End of Life Rising costs and finite resources Older population expected to rise higher than the national average 14.5% compared to the national average of 11.7% 15.3% of children aged 10-11 are obese. 9.3% of the population aged 16 and over are obese 70% of people want to die at home. In Reading fewer than 20% of deaths happen at home 30% of people in Reading live with Long Term Conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart disease and COPD Rising costs and finite resources Rising number of people with Long Term Conditions

10 You said – We Listened Patients with diabetes being posted their test results before their annual review Help us to be better educated and informed on our health conditions Beat the Streets initiative to encourage exercise Better self-care and more emphasis on prevention Increasing the number of psychiatrists working in the in RBH Better understanding of physical and mental health problems

11 Reduce intervention rates for Musculoskeletal conditions Improve physical exercise in the population e.g. Beat the Street More joined up services- Better Care Fund Improved support to Frail and Elderly Patients Improve mental health through access to psychological therapies Robust approach to the management of long term conditions Our Two Year Plan Improved support to people near end of life

12 Our 5 year strategy Please add the triangle slide we used at the last Call to action

13 Hospital care Our 5 year strategy Urgent care system Out of hospital Musculoskeletal & Ophthalmology Hospital at Home NHS 111 Integration of health and social care Support to care homes Care planning

14 What are your views? Questions and use of voting pads

15 Beat the Streets Do you want to help Reading Walk to the Moon? 1.Yes 2.No

16 Beat the Streets Do you do 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week? 1. Yes 2. No

17 Hospital at Home Do you think that Hospital at Home is a good idea for certain conditions? 1. Yes – I would like to be treated at home, if appropriate 2. Maybe – but I dont know enough about it 3. No – I think I would want to be treated in hospital

18 NHS 111 Would you use NHS 111 for medical advice? 1.Yes 2.No – I dont trust it 3.No – I had an unsatisfactory experience 4.No – I dont know enough about it 5.No - other

19 NHS 111 If you answered no and were taken ill, what would you do instead? 1.Go to A&E? 2.Seek advice from a pharmacy 3.Go to Reading NHS Walk-in Centre? 4.Wait until your GP surgery is open? 5.Other

20 Long term conditions If you had a long term condition - other than your GP, practice nurse or hospital doctor - where else would you like to get information from? 1. Internet 2. Peer group 3. Specific educational course 4. Smart phone app

21 Discussion and feedback Following your discussions, please choose amongst your table: – One point that you would like to feed back – One question that you would like to ask the panel

22 Panel Discussion Dr Rod Smith Chair of North & West Reading Clinical Commissioning Group Dr Elizabeth Johnston Chair of South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group Cathy Winfield Chief Officer, Berkshire Federation of CCGs Suzanne Westhead Head of Adult Care, Reading Borough Council

23 Next Steps April 2014 Two year plans published Summer 2014 Five year vision published Summer 2014 Call to Action event programme part three for Berkshire West CCGs Reading event: (date tba)

24 Thank You Thank you for joining us at our Call To Action event Please continue to feedback to us: Further details can be found on our website: Continue to follow the discussion on Twitter @SReadingCCG / @NWReadingCCG or by finding #calltoaction

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