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How To Save Yourself From FORECLOSURE. So many people dont realize that they can get themselves out of foreclosure! They are unaware of the options and.

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1 How To Save Yourself From FORECLOSURE

2 So many people dont realize that they can get themselves out of foreclosure! They are unaware of the options and most just give up and loose their biggest asset…..Their home!

3 I am a Loss Mitigation Specialist Loss Mitigation is the process of finding a cure for the home owner when they are facing foreclosure. In Loss mitigation you have a few options. You may qualify for a loan modification, a repayment plan, a forbearance, or a pre-foreclosure sale AKA short sale.

4 The most important thing to remember is that it takes making the phone call. I have to sit with my clients and make the phone call with them. Because I cannot make the call for you, it is important that you prepare yourself for the call. I am going to show you how.

5 Step 1- Prepare for the Call. 1. Fill out the financial form (It takes a few minutes) One is included 2. Write a hardship letter (Explain why you are behind) 3. Get a recent copy of your bank statements 4. Get most recent copy of your payroll stubs 5. Get a copy of your most recent tax return Remember you will need all the above items, but you can make the call with only the first two items if you are having trouble getting all the information together immediately… Time is of the essence here, dont put this off or it may be too late. Dont delay! Not even one day.

6 About step 1 Preparing for the phone call involves getting your most recent financial information in front of you so that you know what you are talking about. I have provided a Financial Form in this e-book for you to print and fill out. The information on this form is what the bank is going to need to process your call to them. Remember the bank does not want to foreclose on you. It is costly to do so and they would like to help you if they can. That is why they offer a few different options to you. Most people are unaware that they have options and that is why most give up and end up loosing their home.

7 Step 2 – Make the call! Open one of the bank letters that you have received and find the phone number that the bank is requesting you to call. Write down the number in the file you have started for yourself so it is always easy to find. Have all the information in front of you when you make the call. They are going to ask you to fax over the financial form and hardship letter and the bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns will be faxed over later. So even if you dont have everything together make sure you have the financial form and your hardship letter when you make the call. Pick a time when you know you will have privacy and no interruptions and pick up the phone and call. Your call should sound like the following:

8 How your call should sound. After Dialing you will be asked to identify yourself so have your loan number ready. When you get through to the rep you should say something like this: Hello my name is John Doe I am calling to try and save my home from going into foreclosure. I would like to see if I qualify for any loss mitigation options. I have already filled out a financial form and a hardship letter explaining my situation. How do I go about applying for a repayment plan or modification or forbearance? Also could I have a short sale package sent out in case I have to go that route?

9 Definitions Repayment Plan: You may qualify for a this program if you recently experienced a temporary reduction in income or an increase in living expenses. Repayment plans allow you to repay the past due amount over an extended period of time. Forbearance: Using this option, the Home Retention Group may be able to suspend or reduce your mortgage payments for a short period of time. After that period of time they would examine one of the other options to assist you in getting the loan current without causing future financial distress. Loan Modification: A loan modification involves changing one or more terms of a mortgage which may include spreading the delinquent amount you owe over the remaining term of the loan. They may discuss options and eligibility after reviewing your financial information, documentation, and/or situation. Pre-Foreclosure Sale AKA Short Sale: This would allow you to sell your property and pay off your mortgage loan to avoid foreclosure and minimize the damage to your credit rating. If you sell your home at market value and the value is less than the total owed they may agree to forgive a portion of the amount owed on your mortgage loan. Taking this action may not save your home, but it may help your ability to qualify for another mortgage in the future.

10 FREE HELP! I am a real estate broker in Arizona. I help many people in my area through loss mitigation. If you live in my area zip codes 85541 or 85544, I am more than glad to meet with you and help you through the Loss Mitigation process free of charge. If you dont live near me and you need further assistance please email me. I will try to guide you through this process so that you will not loose your home. Please keep in mind that I do this service for two reasons. One, and most important I want to help home owners save their credit and their homes. Two, when a short sale has to take place to save the home owners credit I am here to take the listing, this is how I make my living. I offer reduced commissions and try to work with the home owner anyway I can.

11 Contact For Help My contact email is If you email me and give me your phone number and questions I will call you and try and help you.

12 Conclusion I hope my Loss Mitigation E-Book can help you. The results are not guaranteed but the chances of saving yourself from foreclosure are much higher.. Thank You, Tamra Lee Ulmer

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