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Future Plans for MONAHRQ and How to Get Involved

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1 Future Plans for MONAHRQ and How to Get Involved
May 2014 Note: This is one of seven slide sets outlining MONAHRQ and its value, available at

2 For more information, see the “What Is MONAHRQ?” presentation
Windows-based software from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help you and your organization create your own healthcare reports and websites Evidence-based – uses measures, data sources, and reporting techniques that are based on research Quick – generates reports and websites in days, not months Easy – designed to be intuitive so no training is needed to use it Flexible – allows customization to ensure that the reports and websites are relevant Free – provided by AHRQ at no cost to anyone who wants to produce health care reports and websites The purpose of MONAHRQ is to help increase transparency by disseminating evidence-based information that is understandable and useful for improving health care safety, quality and affordability. For more information, see the “What Is MONAHRQ?” presentation

3 What’s New in MONAHRQ 5.0? Improved user interface so the software is even easier to use to create health care reports and websites Ability to create multiple websites and re-use imported data, rather than starting over each time a new website is needed New reports that reflect the latest research about what is most effective for reporting to consumers Ability to create different websites depending on the audience: Consumers, patients and the general public Providers, researchers and analysts, and policymakers Architecture that enables MONAHRQ developers to capitalize on new data sources, making MONAHRQ a more versatile tool in this evolving health care environment

4 Dimensions of Development

5 What’s Planned for Future Versions of MONAHRQ?
MONAHRQ will be more consumer oriented Topics to be consumer focused: Pediatric quality indicators, maternity care, cost/price reporting Information to be more fun, interactive, easily understood: infographics, guided education, GIS MONAHRQ will have new reporting domains Physician performance Post-acute care ED PQI Others MONAHRQ will include an open source framework MONAHRQ will undergo methodological improvements: alignment between cost and quality, trending, Conversion to ICD-10

6 How is MONAHRQ Evolving?
MONAHRQ was first released in 2010 and has evolved over time to: Respond to rapidly changing health care environment Capitalize on opportunities to create more value by adding data sources, measures and other features enabled by advances in technology The most recent major version of MONAHRQ is 5.0, which was released in Spring 2014 The following major versions of MONAHRQ are also planned: MONAHRQ 6.0 MONAHRQ 7.0 MONAHRQ 8.0 Though the exact release data may vary slightly, the new major versions are planned to be released annually, with patches released as necessary.

7 How to Get Involved with MONAHRQ
To Use MONAHRQ Download the software at To Learn More about MONAHRQ See a variety of resources at To Ask Questions, Receive Updates or Find Out About Opportunities to Help Shape the Future of MONAHRQ to ask a question, get added to the listserv, or tell AHRQ about your interest

8 For Further Information
Visit to access these additional slide sets: What is the Value of Measurement and Reporting? Why Use MONAHRQ for Health Care Reporting? How to Get Started with MONAHRQ What Types of Reports and Websites Can MONAHRQ Generate? Who Uses MONAHRQ? Future Plans for MONAHRQ and How to Get Involved To receive updates about MONAHRQ, ask to join our listserv by ing

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