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United Way Trivia! What do YOU know? 2013 Edition.

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1 United Way Trivia! What do YOU know? 2013 Edition

2 United Way Trivia! Divide into TWO TEAMS

3 1.After the question is read out loud, the team that rings the bell first, gets the first opportunity to answer the question. 2.The referee has final call on which team rang the bell first. 3.One point is awarded for each correct answer. 4.Each team gets one try to answer the question. An incorrect answer will pass the question to the other team. 5.Highest Team Score Wins! UNITED WAY TRIVIA! Rules

4 Round 1 Category: United Way

5 True or False: United Ways Womens Initiative has a Flagler County Chapter? A: True B: False

6 Category: United Way ANSWER! A: True The Flagler Chapter started in 2009!

7 Category: United Way FamilyWize FREE Prescription Discount Cards: The Discount Card has saved Volusia & Flagler County residents how much in just over 5 years? A.Half a Million B.$1 Million C. $2 Million D. $1 Billion

8 Category: United Way ANSWER! C. $2 Million

9 Category: United Way Campaign for Working Families: CFWF provides which of the following services? A.Free Money Smart Classes B.Free Tax Preparation Services C. Both

10 Category: United Way ANSWER! C. BOTH Free Money Smart Classes AND Free Tax Preparation Services which are primarily volunteer based.

11 Category: United Way True or False? The United Way has secondary office space located in Flagler County? A. True B. False

12 Category: United Way ANSWER! A: True! Its located at Office Divvy which donates office space to United Way and they located off Palm Coast Parkway in Palm Coast.

13 Category: United Way What number can you call to volunteer and to get FREE information about available area resources and services?

14 Category: United Way ANSWER! 2-1-1

15 Category: United Way Which of the following is not one of the top reasons for calling 2-1-1? A.Housing Assistance (rent/mortgage & utilities support) B.Contact Information for a specific provider C.Income & Food/Meal Assistance (need money for car repair/gas, home repair, etc.) D.How to catch the midnight train to Georgia.

16 Category: United Way ANSWER! D. Midnight train to Georgia Top reasons to call 2-1-1 include: Food, Rent and Utility Assistance

17 Category: United Way True or False? When you call 2-1-1, we try to interview clients to help uncover other resources or services available to them if they allow us to further help them.

18 Category: United Way ANSWER! TRUE Clients call in for a specific need, but we hope to interview them to help confirm if other resources or services are available to them.

19 Category: United Way Last year 2-1-1 answered how many calls? A.Almost 20,000 B.Over 30,000 C. Over 27,000

20 Category: United Way ANSWER! C. Over 27,000 calls

21 Category: United Way What is United Ways newest community initiative to help children learn to read? A.Book-It. B.ReadingPals C. Success By Six

22 Category: United Way ANSWER! B. ReadingPals Funding by Carol and Barney Barnett this early literacy program pairs volunteers with Pre-K or Kindergarten children for one-on-one weekly reading/teaching sessions.

23 Round 2: Partner Agencies

24 Category: Partner Agencies How many United Way Partner Agencies are there? A. 35 B.14 C. 58

25 ANSWER! A. 35 agencies United Way funded 58 programs Category: Partner Agencies

26 The local Boys & Girls Club has how many club sites? Category: Partner Agencies

27 ANSWER! Eight Located throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties.!our-clubs/cj97 Category: Partner Agencies

28 Which local agency provides specialized telephone equipment to the residents of Volusia and Flagler counties who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind or speech impaired? Category: Partner Agencies

29 ANSWER! Easter Seals of Volusia – Flagler Counties Category: Partner Agencies

30 True or False: United Way gives money to any nonprofit that asks for it. Category: Partner Agencies

31 ANSWER! False: United Way funds programs via Partner Agencies that have been thoroughly reviewed by community citizens. Category: Partner Agencies

32 Round 3: Campaign Stumpers

33 Sometimes people have Bad United Way Stories…Why? A. Unrealistic Expectations B. They dont realize that the services provided by partner agencies that are funded by United Way C. No such service/programs is available D. All the above

34 Category: Campaign Stumpers

35 TRUE or FALSE United Way of Volusia- Flagler Counties administrative rate is well below 35%

36 ANSWER! TRUE The U.S. Government says that Non-profits that have administrative cost at 35% or less are doing good.

37 TRUE or FALSE United Way of Volusia- Flagler Counties president makes over $1 million a year!

38 ANSWER! FALSE Salaries for the highest paid staff can be found on our 990. (And no one makes anywhere near that much!)

39 Round 4 Our Community

40 When a child ends up in the Juvenile Justice System, it cost us as tax payers how much annually? A.Below $5,000 annually B.Over $10,000 annually C.Over $20,000 annually

41 ANSWER! C. Over $20,000 annually

42 What percentage of our school children in both Volusia and Flagler Counties are on the FREE or reduced lunch program? A. Almost 30% B. Over 40% C. Over 60%

43 ANSWER! C. Over 60% Volusia – over 60% Flagler – almost 70%


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