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SolidWorks 3D Modeler for Altium Designer 6.

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1 SolidWorks 3D Modeler for Altium Designer 6

2 Product Overview Installs into the Altium Designer application
Communicates directly with SolidWorks Allows you to create a SolidWorks Assembly from your PCB design Allows you to get board outline, mounting hole and component location data from SolidWorks in to your PCB The SolidWorks Assembly can include pads, tracks, silkscreen and polygons New PCB Tools feature allows you to start a design in SolidWorks

3 Installs inside Altium Designer
Toolbar is added Sub-menu is added to the File menu

4 Other sub-menus Help Menu Tools Menu

5 Product Toolbar Preferences Height Editor
Update Board Outline from SolidWorks SolidWorks Configurations Synch Sw Parts with PCB Parts Export to SolidWorks Synch. PCB Parts with Sw Parts

6 PCB Set up requirements
Board Outline Use Board Shape (if no “cut outs”) Otherwise, define on a mechanical layer Cut outs are defined by enclosed shapes within the board outline on the same mechanical layer Mounting holes are defined by placing pads with a pre-defined designator prefix. Component heights are entered using the Height Editor (needed if there is no SolidWorks part)

7 Board Outline Board Outline is defined by an enclosed shape on a mechanical layer or you can use the Board Shape Cut outs are defined by enclosed shapes on the outline mechanical layer

8 Pad with a special designator prefix defines a mounting hole eg MH2
Mounting Holes Pad Designator Pad with a special designator prefix defines a mounting hole eg MH2

9 Height Editor List of Footprints with Heights
Option to save heights to an ASCII file for re-use on other designs Option to list heights by Designator or Footprint

10 Preferences dialog box
“Whats This” Help Set color of created parts Set Mech. Layer for Board Outline Rule Support Option Path to search for Sw Parts Set up Footprint Part Cross Reference file Directory for Assembly

11 Creating a SolidWorks Assembly
Choose this toolbar button to create an Assembly

12 Assembly with User Defined Parts
Parts from the SolidWorks Parts library PCB Designators in Feature Tree Mounting Holes

13 Assembly with Auto Created Parts
Automatically created parts using height and geometry from the PCB

14 Make Changes in SolidWorks
Change to board outline Mounting Hole moved Part moved

15 Import Changes to the PCB
Board shape updated Mounting Hole moved Component moved

16 SolidWorks Parts Included

17 Advanced features Model Pads, Tracks, Overlays and Polygons in SolidWorks Model all holes in SolidWorks including plating Model Height Rules in SolidWorks Automatically set configurations in SolidWorks Bi-directional live updating between PCB and SolidWorks Load Parts with BOM data from the Schematic to enable a BOM to be added to a Drawing

18 Tracks and Silkscreens in SolidWorks

19 Modeling Pads and Holes
Non Plated Hole Silkscreen Text Pad Silkscreen Track Plated Hole

20 Rules in PCB Region as Keepout Room for Height Rule Region as Keepout

21 Rules in SolidWorks Feature representing Keepout area
Boss Extrude representing Height Rule

22 Add a BOM to Table to a Drawing
Press this button to display a list of Sch Parameters Check to enable this feature Select parameter to add to BOM

23 BOM Table is Automatically created

24 SolidWorks Configurations
Assembly Configurations PCB Part Configurations



27 PCB Tools Installs into the SolidWorks Application
Menus added to Assembly and Part Allows you to create a PCB assembly in SolidWorks and then tag the features as PCB features ready for Import to Altium Designer. Use the New from Assembly command in Altium Designer to create the PCB.

28 PCB Tools menus in SolidWorks
Sub-menu added to the Tools menu Part Assembly

29 Visit
Request a demo with all the product features available for 15 days Demo has a Getting Started Guide Download eDrawing Assembly examples View our picture gallery On-line ordering

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