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AD User Import From SIMS.NET

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1 AD User Import From SIMS.NET
Version 2.2

2 AD User Import From SIMS.NET Contents
Why have such a program? Extracting data from SIMS.NET Importing users into Active Directory User Settings Password Settings Home Directory Settings Do you have a separate Admin Network? Conclusion

3 Why have such a program? Currently you have to export data to a CSV file from SIMS.NET by using SIMS Edit the file in Excel to meet the requirements of the program you are going to use Run the program, set all your settings, and import Then you need to create all your home directories and shares With this program you simply specify the SIMS.NET server settings, user settings, AD location, and import! The user accounts are created as well as home directories (with permissions), shares (with permissions), and all specified settings set.

4 Extracting data from SIMS.NET
Specify which year you would like to extract from SIMS.NET Specify whether you would like to only extract new students only Input the server, username, and password for SIMS.NET

5 Importing users into Active Directory
Specify your AD server Specify where the new users are to be created in AD. Must be fully qualified name, i.e.: ou=students,dc=domain,dc=local Specify the format of the usernames What to do with a conflict?

6 User Settings Specify what the display name will be
Enter a description, profile path, and logon script Enter as many ‘member of’ groups as you wish, separated by a semi-colon. MUST be fully qualified names. Disable the new accounts?

7 Password Settings Set whether their password is their DOB, username, or common to all, i.e. “password” Specify whether the password expires or not Should they change their password at next logon to something they choose? Would you like to allow them to change their password? NOTE You cannot not allow them to change their password AND change it at next logon.

8 Home Directory Settings
Select whether to create the home directory and share Enter the server where their home directory will be Enter the remote path to the parent folder, i.e. local path = e:\users, remote path = e$\users Select the format of the share name Enter a description for the share Enter the maximum users allowed to connect to this share Add the home directory to the user account? Map the home directory to a drive? Specify the permissions for the share and home directory Add the user account to the share and home directory permissions

9 Do you have a separate Admin Network?
With version 2.1+ there is now the facility to export all the required data from SIMS.NET (on the admin network) into a text file On the curriculum network, you can then import this file and create all the user accounts, home directories, shares, etc. This can now be done without compromising the security of the admin network by joining them together to get the data from SIMS.NET

10 Conclusion No need to log into SIMS.NET to export any data
No need to play about with batch files Easy to use interface Simple procedure Drastically reduces time to complete task Import 200 users with home directories, shares, and setup in less than a minute!* * dependent on speed of the network

11 NOTES This software: extracts data DIRECTLY from the SIMS.NET database
is not endorsed nor supported by Capita

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