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Moving away from the lecture? BVMS programme 2013 Jim Anderson School of Veterinary Medicine MVLS.

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1 Moving away from the lecture? BVMS programme 2013 Jim Anderson School of Veterinary Medicine MVLS

2 Presentation outline Where we are Why we are we are What we hope it will deliver

3 BVMS programme 2013

4 Structure of new programme Large courses High stakes exams associated with progression So what is different? –More granular structure to encourage focus and consolidation –Uniform expectations of learning environment –Development of learning habits –Structured continuous assessment with a range of techniques –Pattern of formative and summative continuous assessment –Individual and group work

5 BVMS 4 week module

6 Drivers for change from profession External consultations and bench marking (2009/10) –Stakeholders –6.4A consistent theme was a concern about overload and overlap within the current curriculum. –6.5Other suggestions that overlapped with issues of overload focused on trying to move away from didactic approaches to teaching, towards teaching processes that reflect the ways in which students need to practise in the future and that encourage the development of key skills. … Other ideas included promoting critical thinking skills and nurturing confidence among students.

7 Professional accrediting bodies Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons –A1.8 Understand the need and professional obligation for a commitment to continuing education and training, and professional development, throughout one’s professional life American Veterinary Medical Association –knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, aptitudes and behaviors necessary to address responsibly the health and well being of animals in the context of ever-changing societal expectations. RCVS 2002 accreditation review identified over didactic approach Life long learning/self directed learning

8 Student feedback Assessment5The criteria used in marking have been clear in advance.73%75% 57 61%68% 61%60% & Feedback6Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair.80% 74 73%82%74%73%78% 7Feedback on my work has been prompt.59%57% 38 40%46%48%52%49% 8I have received detailed comments on my work.62%47% 34 27%40%30%21%24% 9Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand.61%54% 47 38%55%42%33%37% (Level 3) Whole institutio n MVLS average 2012 2013 2012201120102009 2008 CategoryNo.Statement % agree (4 or 5) Veterinary Sciences Vet Medicine % Agreed (4 & 5) NSS assessment and feedback trend

9 Drivers for change pediological research Issues related to lectures as a primary educational approach Development of learning skills Critical thinking –Echoed in accreditation requirements Approaches to problem solving –Echoed in accreditation requirements

10 Summative assessment will comprise: Written assessment (3 x 2 hour) including multiple choice questions, short answer questions and data interpretation questions. Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE, 2 hours) Continuous assessment components –Self directed and collaborative learning assignments Professional Portfolio summative assessment at end of BVMS 2

11 Continuous assessment components 30% of course assessment Every assessment type will be formatively assessed before summative assessment Each module has a compulsory Self Directed Learning assessment (week 4) 3 summative per year (ie 10% each)

12 Student directed learning tasks/assessment Tasks MCQ writing Literature review Short answer questions Oral/poster presentations Report writing Debates Professional judgement /conduct Clinical skills Methods Peerwise Aropa Moodle quiz Staff/peer marking Aropa/staff Staff/peer marking SJTwise OSCE

13 What do we expect it to deliver? Confidence in learning environment –Common structure and expectations for students –Framework for staff Confidence in assessment Understanding of feedback Critical thinkers Independent learners Self appraisal

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