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Under the Ocean By: Eden.

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1 Under the Ocean By: Eden

2 Jellyfish Jellyfish are sea animals with a soft, jelly like bodies and no bones. They have tentacles, or feelers, that they use to sting their prey.

3 Hammerhead Sharks Hammerhead sharks have a hammer like skull.
They are gray and have sharp teeth.

4 Bottlenose Dolphins Bottlenose dolphins are mammals. They are great swimmers. They eat fish and need air. When it needs air, the dolphins jump out of the water, take a breath, and dive back in.

5 Brown Pelicans They breed in very large groups on islands.
The brown pelicans are darker than the than white pelicans.

6 Sea Weed Sea weed is a type of plant that lives under water.
It is a dark green.

7 Red Algae Algae are very important because they make much of Earth’s oxygen. People also eat some types of algae.

8 Kelp Kelp is common name for large.
The algae called kelp can reach 200 feet (60 meters) in length.

9 Sea Grass Various kinds of sea grass and other plants also grow in the world’s oceans. Manatees also eat sea grass.

10 Ocean Fun Facts An ocean is a huge body of salt water.
Oceans cover nearly 71% of all the water on Earth.

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