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QUARTERLY SCBA Practice Part 1

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1 QUARTERLY SCBA Practice Part 1
MSA FIREHAWK HP 4500psi SCBA Developed by Jon Bacon

2 PREPARATION Print SCBA Skill Sheet

3 Properly DON PPE Utilizing
OBJECTIVES Properly DON PPE Utilizing Skill Sheet

4 OBJECTIVES HUD & LED Light Patterns Voice Amplifier BYPASS Valve
Explain and Demonstrate use of the following SCBA Components: HUD & LED Light Patterns Voice Amplifier BYPASS Valve ICMTxR All Buttons and Modes

5 HUD & LED LIGHT PATERNS 4 Green Lights 76-100% Full
2 Yellow Lights 26-50% Full 1 Red Light 0-25% Full

6 HUD & LED LIGHT PATERNS 1 Yellow Flashing Light = HUD Low Battery
2 Yellow Flashing Lights = Transmitter Low Battery (ICMTxR) Yellow Alternating Single & Double Flashing Lights = Both HUD & Transmitter Low Battery

7 HUD & LED LIGHT PATERNS 1 Orange LED = PASS Pre-Alarm Alternating Red/Orange LED = Evacuation Signal will be in conjunction with the running man on your ICMTxR readout screen

8 Clear Command Voice Amplifier
One On/Off Button Red Light Indicates On Intrinsically Safe Hold Radio Lapel MIC 1” Away


10 BYPASS VALVE Check the MMR bypass valve operation
Grasp the red knob and turn it counter-clockwise Listen and feel for airflow One complete turn is fully open Return bypass to the closed position by turning the red knob clockwise until closed

11 ICMTxR Buttons and Modes
Mode Button Reset Button Manual Pass Alarm Thermal Sensor

12 ICMTxR Green Mode Button
Pressing the Green Mode button once will momentarily refresh the display and backlight the ICMTxR While the display is still lit, pressing the mode button (green) again will toggle the display between current cylinder pressure and calculated remaining pressure time

13 ICMTxR Green Mode Button
The remaining pressure time displayed is based on your average breathing rate over the last three minutes. Breathe faster: less time on display Breathe slower: more time on display

14 Continuous Operations Mode ON
The Continuous Pressure Mode can only be activated when the system is pressurized In Continuous Operations Mode, the life of the batteries in the Receiver will be shortened The Continuous Operations Mode will deactivate if a low battery is present

15 Continuous Operations Mode ON
To activate the Continuous Pressure Mode: Push the top mode button (green) on the ICMTxR Unit and hold button in for 3 seconds. Once LED’s lights come on, release button. Receiver will show air cylinder pressure level. LED lights will stay on to show air cylinder pressure level drop.

16 Continuous Operations Mode OFF
To deactivate the Continuous Pressure Mode: Push the mode button (green) on the ICMTxR Unit and hold the button in for 3 seconds. LEDs will revert to Automatic Mode showing only air cylinder pressure status at each 25% increment of full cylinder pressure. The Heads-Up Display System will automatically turn itself OFF, approximately 60 seconds after the apparatus is depressurized. (A single red LED light will flash during this time).

17 Reset Button Upon returning to fresh air, close the cylinder valve completely and release all pressure from the system using the bypass valve. When the pressure falls below 200 psig, turn the device off by pressing the (Yellow) reset button 2 times in rapid succession. The ICMTxR Unit will beep 1 time when the button is pressed once. Pressing the (Yellow) button a second time will then sound three beeps (“bee-bop-bop”) to indicate that the unit is turned off. The lights will also stop flashing.

18 Thermal Sensor Thermal Indicator Thermal Sensor

19 Thermal Alarm This chart shows the ICMTxR Unit thermal alarm activation curve. The thermal alarm sounds if the exposure exceeds the curve. The alarm will self-cancel depending on the severity of conditions. This may occur even though the temperature is above the thermal curve.

Research has shown that classroom training is not adequate to save your life when things go bad GO OUT AND PRACTICE HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE

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