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Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0146

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1 Dell Technical Support Service Dell Technical Support Service REACH AT Dell Support : Give a Ring on: +1 800 582 2431

2 How to Fix Hard Drive Error code 2000- 0146 Dell Inspiron or “a Disk Read Error”? If you are a Dell desktop/Laptop user, and you have experienced a problem ‘Dell Error Code 0146’, then don’t panic about it, as it caused by HDD and Windows Registry. Wel l, you can easily ‘Fix Hard Drive Error code 0146 Dell Inspiron’ or a ‘Disk Read Error’. So, due to this reason our Dell Technical Support experts have discovered a solution t o fix the Hard Drive Error code 0146. +1 800 582 2 431

3 Fix Hard Drive Error code 014 6 +1 800 582 2 431

4 Method 1:- Reset System Setup  Firstly, restart your Dell system.  Then hit on”F2” key” repeatedly.  Next, a System Setup screen window will appear on your system.  Hit on the “Right Arrow” of your keyboard and wait while “Exit” menu is highlighted.  Tap on the “Down Arrow” and choose the “Load Optimized Defaults” option.  Tap on “ENTER” button. +1 800 582 2 431 Dell Technical Support

5 Method2:- Check HDD for Errors  Often the failure to load disk data may cause ‘Dell Error Code 0146’. Then the use t he Disk CheckUp utility is the correct way to check HDD for errors.  First of all, double hit on “My Computer desktop shortcut”.  Then you have right click on your system drive. (This is the most probably in the dri ve C:\)  Now, choose the “Properties” option.  Then a new dialog window will appear, so hit on “Tools” tab.  Tap on “Check Disk” button.  Now see the error is coming if it’s coming then follow the next method. +1 800 582 24 31

6 Method 3: Run the Built-In-Diagnostics  First, you have to restart your PC.  Then press “F12” key repeatedly, until the Dell logo appears. (Please make a note that some c omputers, 0 (Zero) key is assigned)  One Time Boot Menu appears.  Now you need to press the “Down” Arrow of your keyboard to highlight “PSA Diagnostics” op tion.  Hit “ENTER” button.  Then PSA will start automatically.  Now see the error and pursue the on-screen instructions to solve it. +1 800 582 2 431 Dell Customer Support

7 Dell Customer Support Make a Call +1 800 582 2 431

8 Dell Tech Support

9 Get in Touch WE HERE AT DELL SUPPORT MAKE TECHNOLOGY RELIABLE AND CONVENIENT FOR YOU You can find me at: Visit at: Fix Dell Hard Drive Error code 0146 Fix Dell Hard Drive Error code 0146Fix Dell Hard Drive Error code 0146 Toll Free: +1 800 582 2431 Email: (800) 582-2431


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