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Results-Based Management (RBM) and the UNDAF Results Matrix.

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1 Results-Based Management (RBM) and the UNDAF Results Matrix

2 Results-Based Management Management strategy focused on achieving results –Processes and inputs desired results –Accountability for results Monitoring progress towards results Assessment and reporting on performance

3 Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes Impact Indicators Assumptions/Risks Results-Chain

4 Definitions Results Change Causality SMART Impact, Outcome, Output Results typology

5 Measurable change in a state or condition as a result of a programmatic intervention Derive from a cause-and- effect relationship Results? three levels of results: impact; outcome; output.

6 Visible transformation In a group In an organization In a society In a country Two major elements Cause and effect relationship between an action and the results achieved. If-then logic. Change Causality

7 SSpecific M A R T Measurable Achievable Relevant Time bound

8 The likely or achieved short-term and medium-term effects of an interventions outputs. Positive and negative, primary and secondary long-term effects produced by a development intervention, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended. Impact Outcome Output Definitions The products and services which result from the completion of activities within a development intervention.

9 Types of Change Impact Outcomes Outputs Changes in the lives of people Institutional Change: values, laws – associated with institutional performance, new institutions Behavioural change: new attitudes, practices Operational Change: products and services – knowledge, skills

10 A Typology for RBM Outcome Impact Output Activity HIV incidence reduced Leadership empowered Skills of NAC strengthened Train 250 district AIDS officers ResultsLike… Focus @ Timeframe <1 yr <3 yrs 5 yrs 5-10 yrs more less Collective Accountability Institutions/ Behaviours Knowledge, skills, abilities, services Human! Outcome Response brought to scale Institutions/ Behaviours 5 yrs then if then

11 Results Framework – Internal Logic Impact Outcome Output Activities Inputs Activities Inputs Activities Inputs Activities Inputs

12 UNDAF or CP Outcomes? UNDAF outcome CP outcome It reflects agency mandate It is one contribution to a larger common goal It represents a development change (institutional or behavioral change) It can be achieved within a single programme cycle It often requires the contribution of more than one UN agency The level of ambition is… HigherLower

13 Examples of higher ambition… UNDAF outcomeCP outcome Enrolment increased to 80% for girls and boys Quality of instruction enhanced in indigenous dominant provinces Safer practices adopted by 40% of high risk groups Knowledge and skills on safe practices increased among youth Safe deliveries increased to 80% nationwide Safe deliveries increased to 80% in 3 provinces National HIV/AIDS policies & legislation adopted HIV/AIDS Voluntary Counseling and Testing Policy drafted

14 UNDAF Results Matrix An at-a-glance expression of UN system support at country level, and How it will make a strategic contribution towards National Development Goals and MDG targets

15 From Results Chain to Matrix UNDAF Results Matrix National Priority/ Goal(s) UNDAF Outcome CP OutcomeCountry Programme OutputsRole of Partners Resource Mob. Targets Programme Modality: A description of how the UN will ensure coherence, complementarities and synergies for simplified and harmonized programming Halt and reverse the spread of HIV//AIDS Leadership committed to an effective national response Strengthened National AIDS Coordinating bodies By 2015, adult HIV prevalence rate is less than 10 percent Leaders committed to an effective response National AIDS Commission effective & guides response By 2010, national response to HIV/AIDS strengthened and intensified Outcome Impact Output Outcome Country response to HIV/AIDS strengthened and intensified Leaders committed to an effective response Civil society engaged in national response Partnership forum strengthened and expanded Improved access to financial resources Country supported to secure Global Fund

16 Helpful reminders Collective accountability increases as you move up the chain of results towards outcomes and impacts Key message No agency can go it alone! A results matrix is a means not an end A results matrix is contextual (anchored in the current context of the country) AND… Uses the best judgment of the UNCT at all times

17 Action Language expresses results from the providers perspective can often be interpreted in many ways focuses on completion of activities Change Language describes changes in the conditions of peoples lives sets precise criteria for success focuses on results, leaving options on how to achieve them Language

18 Action Language to promote child survival, physical and psychological development statement: to promote the use of impregnated bednets indicator: number of TV and radio jingles providing Malaria education; number of bednets distributed train 100 teachers in participatory teaching Change Language young children are alive, healthy, well nourished and active learners statement: People in affected areas have increased knowledge of how to prevent Malaria; at least 80% of people in endemic areas sleep under an impregnated bednet indicator: % of people who know that sleeping under bednet reduces the risk of Malaria; % of people who sleep under an impregnated bednet teachers know how to teach in a participatory way (how this will be achieved will be clarified in the activity description)

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