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Christian Teaching About Sex

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1 Christian Teaching About Sex

2 Scripture There are 2 general principles that we can deduce from Scripture regarding sex: 1.Sexuality is part of God’s “good” creation. 2.Like all dimensions of our humanness, sexuality can be corrupted and become sinful.

3 Sexuality is part of God’s “good” creation. The Scriptures tell us our bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit” Our love making and life giving sexual expressions are essential to our existence.

4 God’s Good Creation Sex is a gift that is meant to be used lovingly and creatively To be linked to concern for others and community life (the common good)

5 Sexuality can become corrupted The Bible warns us about idolatry: being consumed with one thing and treating it as if it were more important than God.

6 Corruption We need to be critical of our actions, motives and our society’s values We can misuse and abuse it, turning it into a destructive force

7  “How do we live as sexual being?”  “How do we exercise mastery over our sexuality?”

8 Virtue A disposition, or a pattern of behavior, by which an individual willingly and consistently chooses to act in a morally good way. On-going patterns of moral behavior that develop through our free and intentional choices.

9 Virtue When we always tell the truth, we develop the virtue of honesty, When we consistently give others what is due them, we develop the virtue of justice etc.

10  Temperance  Chastity

11 Temperance (Self-control). Is the virtue that brings reason to bear on what are called the affective emotions.

12 Affective Emotions  What moves us to desire certain bodily needs that are important fro the maintenance of the individual person  (food, drink, sex)

13 Affective Emotions Affective emotions are neither bad nor good in themselves. We all posses these emotions and desires. Temperance allows us to control these emotions.

14 Chastity The CCC states that chastity is “the successful integration of sexuality within the person and thus the inner unity of a person in his/her bodily and spiritual being.” It is the virtue by which sexuality becomes personal and interpersonal, becomes truly and fully human.

15 Chastity  Chastity leads us to treat others as persons and not merely as bodies  This integration leads to a sexuality that values and respects the dignity of the self and the other as persons

16 Chastity Chaste human sexuality is both self-giving and life giving It involves the full gift of oneself to another. And this opens up the possibility of creation of new life

17  Sexual intercourse should be the sign and the fruit of a relationship that is permanent, exclusive, faithful, and sealed by public declaration of the couple’s love for each other.  We are talking about the kind of love that rooted in respect for the other as a person and in willingness to be with this person for “better or for worse, in sickness and in health etc. etc., and it’s the kind of love found only in marriage.

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