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ALL ABOUT SOCCER Learn all you need to know about soccer By Fabian Torres.

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1 ALL ABOUT SOCCER Learn all you need to know about soccer By Fabian Torres

2 SOCCER POSITIONS  In soccer there are 7 people on the field and there’s another team with 7 people then there are also 2 goalies on both teams. The goalies are meant to protect the goal so nobody scores in. There are 4 positions in soccer the goalie, defense, mid field, and offense. Defense is very important the person needs to block the ball if the other team comes their way so the goalie wont be alone. Mid field helps defense and offense he also holds a big part in the game. Offense can go anywhere on the field, mostly offense scores the points (goals) in and also help mid field and defense if necessary.

3 SOCCER UNIFORM/SOCCER FIELD The soccer field looks something like this: The uniform for soccer is shorts, a shirt with team logo, socks, shin guards, and cleats they all look like this:

4 HOW TO PLAY SOCCER  Soccer is really easy to play all you need to do is pass the ball, run, and kick the ball in the goal to score. The team with the most points wins the game and there rating (wins and losses) goes up. Also you need to work to together to win if you don’t your team will most likely loss the game.

5 HOW TO BECOME A SOCCER PLAYER  In soccer the way you become a soccer player is you need to look for a team and look for when the tryouts (a tryout is you show all your skills to the coach if they like you you’re on the team) are then you keep practicing, when it’s the day for tryouts you go and show the coach what you got like skills and wait to see if you got picked on the team and if they pick you your now on the team.

6 HOW A SOCCER BALL LOOKS LIKE  A soccer ball looks like a ball with hexagons all over it with some of the hexagons colored black and white not all soccer balls look the same some just have different colors  Like pink, red, yellow, and green. The designs sometimes are lines shaped as a circle.

7 HOW TO GET IN A SOCCER TEAM  In soccer if you want to join a team there are a lot of steps the 1 st step is to find a team online or in your school to see when the tryouts are. Step 2 practice your soccer skills with someone until the day for tryouts has come. Step 3 when it’s the day for the tryouts show the coach everything you’ve practice to join the team. Step 4 wait for the coach to decide if you’re perfect for the team. Step 5 wait to receive a letter from the coach to see if you’re on the team or not if you did get on the team your job is done. If you didn’t get on the team keep looking for teams to join and repeat the process all over again from step 1 to step 5.

8 THE END  Made by: Fabian Torres  Created: Fabian Torres  Directed by: Fabian Torres Sources: dawnreaders.blogs

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