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Canon PrinterSupport Toll-Free Number Ireland:

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2 Canon PrinterSupport Toll-Free Number Ireland: +353-768887727

3 Sometimes, it can be expensive to maintain a Canon print machine. There come some error messages and it is really frustrating when these errors crop up when you are doing some urgent work. Some Canon printers are there where LCD monitors that help users to understand problems that take place, however, not every printer comes with such screens.

4 Most of us don’t read the manual carefully, that’s why users have no idea what is the actual meaning of that blinking light.

5 Paper jam is the most common problem that takes place in a Canon print machine, keep on reading this blog and you can use these given steps to fix this troublesome situation on your machine. In case, you think you need Canon Support then you can ask an expert.

6 Directions to follow: First, you have to disconnect the power cable from the back of your print machine and it is an important step proceeding to fix this situation. Now you’ll need to unhinge the back access panel of your printing machine, you can find this door on the backside of this device.

7 Once you open this, you need to look through its opened back panel and there you need to look for the paper. Now you can remove a paper you see there or all papers that are jammed. Now put off its back access panel and make sure you closed it in a right way and it looks the same that you saw before reopened it.

8 Now find its front or top access panel, this is a place where you are able to change the ink cartridges. Open this access panel, in case, you find that carriage that holds ink cartridges moves it means you haven’t unplugged your printer. Now go back and put off this instantly and look for a paper if it is jammed in this section of a printing machine.

9 You need to remove a paper that is jammed over there, when you pull from its front there you get some resistance from the paper feeder. So, pull slowly or a paper will tear and will leave you in a more troubled situation. Now close its front access panel and check you have fitted its box carefully in a same condition like before.

10 Now you have to plug the power chord into your power source and try to print a test page again. If your machine print well that means you have successfully get rid of this paper jam issue.

11 In case, you need assistance in this regard then make a call on Canon Customer Service Number +353-768887727.Canon Customer Service Number Also, Read This Blog: What are the steps for PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Connection Setup Guide?

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