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Sandra Healy DCU Head of Diversity & Inclusion 2017

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1 Sandra Healy DCU Head of Diversity & Inclusion 2017

2 Sandra Healy

3 Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

4 What is Diversity & Inclusion?
Diversity simply means difference Diversity is about differences, seen and Unseen Inclusion is diversity in action Creating an environment where people are valued, feel valued and are able to achieve and contribute to their full potential An inclusive environment improves interaction with employees, customers and our communities Bring your whole self to work…. Visible differences Invisible differences

5 Diversity & Inclusion – Delivering Competitive Advantage
People Rewards 82% Global HR leaders ‘war for talent’ key business issue over the next 10 years 75% employees who experienced unfairness will not recommend or refer 67% LGBT important to work for a company that has equality and diversity policies 86% of millennials in Ireland research culture of an organisation 72% of women workforce diversity important evaluating job offers +53% return on Equity – Fortune 500 (Diverse Boards) 45% increase market share 80% Improvement in business performance +15% financial returns 50% Increase in team collaboration, creative agility & problem solving 20% increase employee retention Retain: organisations that value and develop their staff reduce attrition and the knock-on expense to replace and retrain new employees. costs 150% of an employee’s gross salary to recruit, equip and train them to an effective level of competence – Gender diversity stat Fortune 500 companies with the greatest representation of women on their boards outperformed by 53% (on a return on equity analysis) those with the lowest representation. Within the private sector in Ireland, the success rate of initiatives can be patchy because organizations and their leaders misinterpret Diversity itself as the answer and under-invest in Inclusion & Belonging. Indeed, only 14% of Irish companies have a female CEO (or Head of Operations) and this ratio is falling. 42 percent higher return on sales, and 66 percent higher return on invested capital.

6 Building Inclusion Together Health & Wellbeing at Work
Talent, Discovery, and Transformation Creating a diverse and inclusive University community LGBT+ Age Friendly Ability in Disability University of Sanctuary Women in Leadership Inclusive workplace Building Inclusion Together DCU Voices Diversity Inclusion + Health & Wellbeing at Work Athena SWAN

7 Generational Diversity in the Workplace

8 Millennial workers - ages 18 to 35
What is a Generation? An identifiable group that shares birth years, age, location, and significant life events at critical development stages Generations develop their own ‘personality’ Shaped by events, icons and conditions that influence attitudes and values Z Age 70+ Age Age Age Age 5 -19 Millennial workers - ages 18 to 35 

9 Generational Diversity in the Workplace
Work Ethic Leadership Dress Style Communications Language Attitudes Work Environment Team Work Preferred Rewards Values Training Methods Recruitment Feedback Politics Work-Life Integration

10 By 2020 half the working population will be Millennials
Earn Return Learn Millennial values (as a generation) have a huge impact on the shape of company culture 70 percent of millennials spend more with brands support causes they care about (CSR/values) - $2.5 trillion in spending power Politically independent, religiously unaffiliated, and interested in a wide variety of different nations, cultures, ideas, and beliefs Millennials are flocking to companies with better diversity and inclusion programs Millennials want to work in an environment that prioritizes the health and happiness of its workers

11 DCU Access Programme

12 Ireland’s First & Largest Access Programme
Access to Third Level: Making education attainable to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds Operating for 27 years 10,000 primary and secondary DEIS students participate in Access DCU initiatives each year “No one in my family had ever completed their junior or leaving certificate exams, let alone gone to college. Because of this, I had no advice or financial aid and my dream was slowly getting further and further away from me.” – Jordan, Business Studies Graduate

13 Access Student Numbers

14 93% 53% 96% Access Students Excel complete studies
go on to Master’s level or higher 96% seeking employment find it

15 DCU Teacher Internship Programme
First of its kind internship programme (STEM) Hands-on industry experience working in industry Dr. Eilish Mc Loughlin, School of Physical Sciences and Director of CASTeL In partnership with Accenture, CWIT, 30% Club In-company graduate recruitment programmes 20 to 11 to 8th best places to work! Women In Business networks from the Local Enterprise Offices in Dublin City, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and South Dublin and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce are joining forces for the sixth consecutive year to organise a major event for women in business in Dublin to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Over 200 female entrepreneurs and business women have attended in previous years, making this an outstanding networking opportunity. This year’s event will feature talks by Mary McKenna, Founder and MD of Tour America and Anne Sheehan, Enterprise Director, Vodafone, and presentations from a panel of three inspirational entrepreneurs: Mouna Kenzaoui, Martinsen Mayer, Cristina Luminea, ThoughtBox and Georgia Scott, Georgia in Dublin. Vodafone’s Connected Women Summit will focus on the impact of mobile technology throughout the lives of women around the world. There is currently a 300 million global gender gap in mobile ownership – and this gap is continuing to widen. The gap not only affects women's ability to communicate, but it also presents a lost opportunity in terms of health, education, work, safety and inclusion, especially in the developing world. Vodafone's Connected Women report, which will be published on Monday 3 March by the Vodafone Foundation, examines this gender gap, expected future trends and the impact on wider society. During the day, there will be four invitation only sessions on education, health, work and access. For more information please see the day agenda page. This will be followed by an evening event, which will feature inspirational stories of how mobile technology has changed women’s lives and keynote speeches on the potential for mobile technology to empower women around the world. Keynotes include Malala Yousafzai, ambassador for girls’ education worldwide through the Malala Fund and author of ’I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education’, Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone, Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation and Serpil Timuray, Regional CEO - Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific Region, Vodafone. We hope that Monday 3 March is the start of a year of widening involvement from key women across business, politics, culture, academia and public life in understanding the role that mobile technology can play in empowering women and girls from infancy throughout life. The Summit will provide the chance to build a collective view of the challenges and solutions with a cross section of NGOs, business, government, aid agencies and media. Following on from the Mobile for Good Summit in December 2012, the Connected Women Summit is supported by the Vodafone Foundation as part of its Mobile for Good programme Requesting an invitation If you would like to attend the evening event or one of the sessions, please contact us at: This novel programme aims to enable pre- service teachers from the third year of the BSC in Science Education to better inform their students – and in particular, their female students - about careers in STEM by giving the teachers the chance to work in industry for 3 months full-time


17 Thank you Any questions?

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