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NPTEL Online COURSES AND certification

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1 NPTEL Online COURSES AND certification
A project of NPTEL Under NMEICT, MHRD In association with NASSCOM Powered by Google



4 The story so far… Pilot: March

5 What is an Open, Online Course?
Exactly like a course you teach on campus Course starts on a certain date Course duration Lectures every week Tutorial problems every week Discussions every week Course ends on a certain date Except that, everything unfolds on an open, online portal Start date and an end date Videos of lectures released every week Online assessments and assignments Online discussion forum

6 Campus vs Open, Online Course
On campus Open, online Students come through admission process, prerequisites Course on campus with peers, face-to-face interaction Credit towards degree, placements, recognition Anyone can click and enroll Course at a distance, self-motivated Recognition mechanisms are still evolving


8 Course listing on the portal

9 Course Introduction Page

10 Course Lesson Page

11 Assessment Questions

12 Discussion Forum

13 Features of Online Course Portal
Usual features Videos, Forum, Assignments Unique features Hands-on programming C, C++, Java, Verilog Subjective assignments grading by TAs possible

14 Features of Certification Process
Proctored exam run by a partner centers across the country around Rs per student programming exam for programming courses Certificate from IITs/IISc e-verifiable through url

15 Courses offered so far From March 2014 till April 2017:13 exam runs; 355 courses completed Ongoing : 159 courses for July–Oct 2017; 14th exam run completed; 15th on Oct 22

16 NPTEL Online Certification (NOC), since 2014 –

17 Statistics and Components

18 Courses by Dept and institute
IISc Bangalore 16 IIT Bombay 27 IIT Delhi 6 IIT Guwahati 8 IIT Kanpur 132 IIT Kharagpur 111 IIT Roorkee 41 IIT Madras 138 Other Institutes (Coordinated by IITM)   Chennai Mathematical Institute 14 National Institute of Epidemiology 5 IIEST Shibpur 1 University of Delhi IISER Pune 3 IMSc IIITB IIITD IIITH IIT Patna 4 IIT Ropar Total 514 Discipline Courses Aerospace Engineering 14 Agriculture & Food Engineering 1 AppliedMechanics Architecture 3 Biological sciences & Biotechnology 26 ChemicalEngineering 18 Chemistry and Biochemistry 20 Civil Engineering 32 Computer Science and Engineering 76 Design 2 Earth Science Electrical Engineering 68 General 5 Humanities and Social Sciences 66 Management 37 Mathematics&Statistics 29 Mechanical Engineering 58 Metallurgy and Material Science Multidisciplinary 8 Ocean Engineering 6 Physics 12 TOTAL 514

19 Scoring , Certification and Credits
Final score calculation for certification Online assignments: ~25% Proctored exam: ~75% Types of certificates Elite certificate with gold medal : >= 90% Elite certificate: >= 60% Successful completion : >= 40% No certificate < 40% 4 weeks : 10 to 12 hours of content (1 credit equivalent) 8 weeks : 20 to 25 hours of content (2 credit equivalent) 12 weeks: 30 to 45 hours of content (3 credits equivalent)

20 Certificate model

21 2.6+million enrollment; 1.82 lakhs+ registrations
NPTEL Online Certification: Impact 2.6+million enrollment; 1.82 lakhs+ registrations 25,96,114 course enrolments, 1,82017 exam registrations

22 Exam attendance percentage

23 Pass percentage

24 Exam registration statistics – gender split
Girls: 40% Boys: 60%

25 Exam registration - % of faculty
Jan-Apr 2017: 5300+ July-Nov 2017: = 12309

26 Faculty Development Programme
Can check with AICTE if these courses can be counted towards the FDP that all engineering college teachers are mandated to complete every year – can include a pedagogy module along with this to satisfy requirements Short Term Course at other Institutes NPTEL Online Certification Course Registration Fee Typically between Rs Rs Zero Registration Fee Travel Typically involves travel and Accommodation No Travel/Accommodation required. The entire lecture content is available right at our desktop Leave of absence Typically involves 8-12 days of Academic Leave No Academic Leave required; No disturbance of regular duties Learn anytime, anywhere Exposure to Lectures All the participants are exposed to lectures only once Registered Participants have complete/anytime access to video content and may watch the videos multiple times Evaluation No examination at the end (a) weekly assignments and (b) end of the course examination which helps the faculty apply the learnt skills Interaction with the Instructor Involves interaction only during the short term course Interaction is available with Course Instructor/Teaching assistants/Other participants via an Online Discussion Forum during the entire duration of the course Frequency of the Offered Course Very Rare NPTEL re-runs Online Certification Courses that are in great demand Table created by Prof. GVK Sharma, SPOC, GITAM University, Vizag

27 Selected Course Titles

28 Type of courses offered
July –Nov 2017 15.2% 26.7% 10.7% 74.1% 66%

29 Duration of courses offered
July –Nov 2017 355 courses

30 Reason for taking MOOC: Upto June 2017

31 User statistics – Reason for taking the MOOC

32 How colleges use NPTEL online courses?
For credit transfer within colleges For internship opportunities at companies and with faculty at IITs/IISc In recruitment process In a survey conducted and answered by 273 Local chapters: 37 LCs said they take our courses for credit 171 LCs said from first year onwards, students are encouraged to do MOOCs 190 LCs said they prefer elective courses while 78 voted for core courses 28 LCs said it was mandatory that faculty undergo MOOCs while 47 LCs said faculty who complete MOOCs get some incentives and increments

33 UGC/AICTE gazette notification – Aug 2016

34 NPTEL courses for credit at IITM
IIT Madras: students are allowed to take upto 7 credits from NPTEL courses (for BTech/DD alone, only credit and not GPA)

35 Selection of courses Mathematical difficulty
Based on duration of the course Rerun courses can be selected by colleges participating the first time – content already available

36 website
Portal where the statistics of completed courses are archived Time of course offering Syllabus, about the instructor Statewise enrollment and registration statistics Assignment submissions, exam scores Toppers in the course are highlighted Name, photo, organization of top 5% of exam registrants are displayed as toppers

37 Student profile on NOC website

38 Course toppers

39 Steady State of Course Offerings
What is a desirable steady state? Repeat core courses in all major disciplines in July and Jan semesters Offer interesting and new electives regularly By July 2018 – we should reach steady state Atleast 10 core courses/discipline every semester Where are we now? Not all core courses are available as MOOCs Electives are getting offered Our schedule of courses should be available ahead of time This helps colleges to plan credit transfer etc.

40 Highlights: Course topper in 4 courses – Sep Oct 2016
Dear Madam, First of all a big Thanks to you:) My experience in pursuing NPTEL Online courses has been fabulous. It was a great opportunity as I have greatly enjoyed the different courses during the July-October 2016 period and feel privileged to be taught by the great professors of renowned institutions. During this period, I had registered for 4 courses and the successful completion of all has enhanced my knowledge and self confidence immensely for which I am sincerely thankful to this great initiative from NPTEL. It has further increased my urge to learn :) The NPTEL online courses gave us the flexibility of pursuing the course from anywhere and anytime which was a reason that I could attend and appear for multiple courses during a short span of time. The regular online videos and assignments kept us on our toes and ensured that we were regular in our participation and learning process. In short I will like to reiterate that I have benefited immensely from these online courses both knowledge-wise and increased confidence. About recognition, I will come to know once I share my certificate details. Thank you. Kind regards, Madhabi Sinha ** She is employed in BBA REMAN LTD and has taken up 4 exams in the Sep-Oct 2016 exam Stress Management -96 Introduction to Modern Application Development -92 Soft Skills Development -90 and Developing Soft Skills and Personality-93, where she is the topper of all the 4 courses

41 Exam anecdotes – Mar Apr 2017
Sandeep – a working professional – Topper in 4 courses this sem Analog Circuits - top 1 % Fundamentals of Electronic Materials and Devices - top 1 % Basic Electronics - top 1 % Embedded Systems Design - top 5 % Faculty member from Saudi Arabia flew in to Chennai to write the exam and got certified Candidate from Turkey may come to give the exam in Oct 2017 While we have girls:boys as 42%:58% boys registering for exams, the gender split for toppers is 70%:30% (till June 2017).

42 Highlights: Highest number of NPTEL course takers
Prof. Gunasekaran – Velammal Engg college – 13 courses! Aditya Vignesh – a student – 13 courses Arijit Bharadwaj – student – 12 courses Dr. Arun Prakash: Scientist at DRDO – 11 courses Dr. Ashok Panchapakesan – Prince Shri Venkateshwara Padmavathy Engg college – 8 courses – SPOC! Employee from ONGC, a Project Manager at NIT Silchar, Employee of Border Roads Organization, A GM at Adani group, Deputy GM of Airports Authority of India have completed 5 or more courses from NPTEL

43 Guest login Check : User id: Password: 1reviewer

44 FAQ Where do I get information about up-coming certification courses?
How do I enroll/register for an NPTEL online course? Is there a fee to enroll for an online course? What is the eligibility criterion for registering for an online course? How many courses can I enroll for at a time? How old should I be to register for an online course? I just came to know that an online course that I wanted to join has concluded its run. Is there any chance of this course being offered again? Will exams be offered for completed courses in the next run? If I enroll to a course this time and miss writing the exam, next time the course is offered, do I have to enroll again? If I don’t submit any assignment, can I register for the exam? How many exams can I give during a run? What if I have limited internet access? How do I watch videos online?


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