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Technical Report Writing

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1 Technical Report Writing
Dr. N. S. Harding Chemical Engineering 477 Section 2 January 25, 2012

2 Major Report Sections Transmittal Letter Title Page
Front Material (Table of Contents, List of Illustrations) Executive Summary Introduction and Background Experimental Procedure/Methods Results and Discussion Conclusions and Recommendations Back Material (Acknowledgements, References, Appendix)

3 Transmittal Letter LAST section written Date To Whom?
1 paragraph on what was asked 1 paragraph on conclusions and recommendations Signatures

4 Title Page Descriptive title To Whom? From Whom? Date

5 Front Material For these short reports it is optional
If you include, then the Title Page is “i” Use roman numerals up to Executive Summary which would be “1”

6 Executive Summary 2nd to last section written 1 page maximum
Summarizes: Objective Who did what How it was done What were the results What are the conclusions What are the recommendations

7 Body of Report Use a header and footer; one of which has the page number. No smaller than 11 pt type Double-spaced; not less than 1.5 spacing Use headings and sub-headings Be consistent

8 Back Material Acknowledgements (optional – should include MIKE!)
References – required Appendix – required Detailed derivations Data Sample calculations Statistical analysis Other supporting documentation

9 Bottom Line From your report, I should know who, what, when, where, why and how and be able to completely duplicate your experiment and get essentially your results within your calculated confidence level!! QUESTIONS?

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