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La conjugaison des verbes en “ER”

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1 La conjugaison des verbes en “ER”
Conjugating ER Verbs

2 What is an ER Verb? Most verbs that end in ER are ER Verbs. That means the last two letters of the infinitive are “er”. Here are some ER verbs: parler, écouter, quitter, arriver Notice that each of these verbs ends in “er”.

3 How to conjugate: The first step is to drop the “er”.
Next add the endings: -e -ons -es -ez -e -ent

4 Put it together… Parler (infinitive form)- to speak
Drop “er” = PARL (stem) Je parl Nous parl Tu parl Vous parl Il/Elle parl Ils/Elles parl Now add the endings-

5 Finished Verb Parler: to speak Je parle Nous parlons
Tu parles Vous parlez Il/ Elle parle Ils/Elles parlent

6 In English this is… To Speak I speak We speak You speak You speak
He/She/It speaks They speak

7 Now you do one- Quitter- to leave Je _______ Nous_______
Tu _______ Vous _______ Il/Elle _____ Ils/Elles ______

8 How did you do? Quitter- to leave Je quitte Nous quittons
Tu quittes Vous quittez Il/Elle quitte Ils/Elles quittent

9 Pronunciation Did you notice that the Je, Tu, Il/Elle, and Ils/Elles forms of the verbs sound the same? The Nous and Vous forms sound different. The Vous form sounds like the infinitive. Draw the boot.

10 The “GER” Exception Verbs that end in “GER” like manger, nager, and voyager have one exception. In the Nous form they end in “eons” not “ons” The “e” is added for pronunciation.

11 Here is an example- Manger- to eat Je mange Nous mangeons
Tu manges Vous mangez Il/Elle mange Ils/Elles mangent

12 Don’t forget… Verbs that begin with a vowel sound
(A, E, I, O, U, H and Y) get J’ not Je. Here is an example- Arriver- to arrive J’arrive Nous arrivons Tu arrives Vous arrivez Il/Elle arrive Ils/Elles arrivent

13 Here are some ER verbs. See if you can conjugate them!
Quitter Habiter Arriver Passer Parler Ecouter Regarder Etudier Lever Poser Rigoler Déjeuner Rentrer Travailler Acheter Coûter Demander Aimer Détester

14 In conclusion Learning ER verbs is an easy way to expand your French vocabulary. Unfortunately not every verb in French that ends in “er” is an ER Verb. But most are! Fin

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